Wednesday 4 December 2019

Bounty packs - unpacking and review


Read on to find out what's in the Bounty Pack being distributed in January 2020.

Bounty Pack newborn baby

From the moment that you find out you are starting or expanding your family feelings of joy can be mixed with feelings of responsibility and a desire to do your best for your baby.

Pregnancy can a blend of excitement and trepidation. In fact expecting a baby can be daunting. Whether it is your first, third or a whole lot more; bringing a baby into the world can be a worrying prospect. What baby products are best for you and your baby? How will you cope with the extra expense that is connected to becoming a parent? What is the best way to ensure your baby sleeps safe?

Thankfully Bounty are on hand to help you through pregnancy and parenthood. They aim to offer parents to be and new parents on helpful information during pregnancy and beyond. 

Bounty Packs mum-to-be and newborn with baby scan

Along with their informative website that covers trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth, baby, pre-school and family life, they also have a handy app full of helpful advice. The Bounty Pregnancy app not only provides advice and information such as week by week updates of the stages of pregnancy and your baby’s journey along with a place to record information hospital appointments, but it also allows parents to be to claim the free Bounty pack.

Mum-to-be Bounty pack

The mum-to-be packs contents vary slightly depending on which store - Tesco, Asda or Boots - you collect your pack from. All of the packs contain a selection of free samples, a buying guide and money off coupons.

Mum-to-be Bounty Pack from Tesco with freebies

The mum-to-be pack from Tesco consisted of a mini pot of Sudocrem with money off voucher, sachet of Persil Non-Bio detergent and Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner plus money off voucher and a 25 pack of Fred and Flo size 1 newborn nappies. It also had a handy Bounty Buying guide, informative leaflets and coupons.

Mum-to-be Bounty pack from Asda with freebies.

The mum-to-be pack from Asda consisted of a  mini pot of Sudocrem with money off voucher, sachet of Persil Non-Bio detergent and Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner plus money off voucher, small pack of Little Angels baby wipes, 24 pack of Little Angels size 1 newborn nappies and a George at Asda 0-3 months baby vest. It also had a handy Bounty Buying guide, informative leaflets and coupons.

Newborn Bounty pack

In the Newborn pack you get a Pampers nappy and bag, pack of Huggies Pure extra care baby wipes, tube of Sudocrem and a sample of Baby Ddrops vitamin D drop for babies. You also get a number of leaflets about products that might be of interest, money off coupons and a form to claim child benefit.

Bounty newborn pack with freebies

The packs also include potentially life saving information thanks to leaflets from Meningitis Now and The UK Sepsis Trust on how to identify these 2 life threatening illnesses.

Bounty pack Meningitis Now leaflet

How to get the Bounty packs

The first Bounty pack - the Pregnancy and Information pack - is available from your midwife. 

The Mum-to-be pack is available from 13 weeks of pregnancy. It can be claimed via the Bounty Pregnancy and Baby app (available on the Google Store and Apple app store) and the packs can be collected from either Tesco, Asda or Boots.

Bounty pregnancy and baby app to get Bounty Packs

The third pack - the Newborn pack - is given to you on the maternity hospital ward.

Bounty and the Lullaby Trust

I love the fact that Bounty work with numerous charities to raise awareness of important causes and information.

Bounty pack sleep safety guide with Lullaby Trust

One charity they support is the Lullaby Trust to educate parents on safer sleep. In the Bounty Buying guides found in the mum-to-be packs there is a dedicated section on safer sleep which includes tips from the Lullaby Trust on how to ensure your baby sleeps safe plus products such as baby monitors to help support safer sleep.

Vital advice and information about safer sleep in the form of Safer Sleep for Babies guidelines written by the Lullaby Trust can also be found on the Bounty Pregnancy and Baby app and the Bounty website.

Bounty pack safer sleeping baby

Why we like Bounty packs?

During this pregnancy as well as my other two pregnancies I have claimed the free Bounty packs. I have found them to be very useful and they have helped us prepare for life with a new baby in the house.

As I feel the more informed I can be, the better decisions I make, I have found the buying guides to be invaluable resources to help us make the best decisions on what baby products such as car seats and baby monitors are best for us and our little bundle of love to help keep our baby happy, safe and well. I like that the guides contain helpful and balanced information with expert advice and product reviews. Even though we are parents for the third time and know a lot when it comes to baby products the guides are helpful as it showcases newer products so that we can keep our finger on the pulse of baby products new to the market.

I love the inclusion of practical baby products such as nappies. Being able to try before you buy is brilliant, for example we could try a different brand of nappies risk free which is great as we can see if we like the fit and absorbency of the nappy brand. Items that we already use and love such as Sudocrem are a welcome addition to the pack as it helps us save a little money on something we’d buy by getting a pot for free along with a money off coupon for buying more, plus the cute mini pot is very handy for popping in the baby change bag to use when out and about. 

I love the adorable George from Asda baby vest and cannot wait for our third baby to wear it.

Bounty pack mum-to-be Asda freebie baby vest and baby scan photo

Another benefit of the Bounty packs are the discount coupons. As having a baby can be expensive it is always great to save money through the money off coupons.

I also love the invaluable leaflets highlighting illnesses and their symptoms such as meningitis and sepsis. The inclusion of these guides are fantastic for raising awareness and helping parents be aware of the signs to look out for as they strive to keep their baby safe and well.

Have you ever had a Bounty pack?

* This is a paid post. I received a sample of the Bounty packs to review. I claimed Bounty packs with my previous pregnancies and births along with this third pregnancy and arrival of baby number three *


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