Wednesday 11 December 2019

Sennheiser launch 'Season of Giving' charity program

Donations of 1,500 headsets, worth 148,000, made to 7 charities globally 

Sennheiser unveil their Season of Giving program, donating huge quantities of the special edition GSP 305 gaming headsets to 7 charities across the globe. 

In addition, 150 headsets will be donated directly through Sennheiser’s own social media channels, in an initiative designed to spread the joy of gaming by giving back to those in need. 

Andreas Jessen, Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing, Sennheiser, commented,  

The holiday season is the time of year to spend quality time with family and friends. It reminds us of the importance of getting involved with, and giving back to, our communities. Gaming, and the amazing community surrounding it, has been a huge positive force and massive source of happiness for many. This holiday season, we’ve chosen to support a number of gaming-related charities that bring joy into people’s lives and help to make this season even more magical for them.” 

Charities have been chosen because of their extensive work to support the gaming community, or support communities through gaming, and each will receive a quantity of Sennheiser’s popular GSP 305 gaming headset – a special edition variant of the award-winning GSP 300 - delivering superior acoustic sound coupled with a broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone.  

In total, 1,500 headsets - with a combined retail value of 148,000 – will be distributed to charities, including: 

Child’s Play – U.S. 
Female Legends and Pink Orange – Sweden 
Gamer Aid – Australia  
Gaming Aid Germany 
Special Effect – UK 
Your Corps – New Zealand 

Mark Saville, Communications Coordinator, Special Effect, commented, 
"We’re hugely grateful to Sennheiser for this fabulous donation and the opportunity to extend awareness of our life-changing work to a wider audience. We’ll be using the headphones over the next few months to raise vital funds for our work levelling the playing field for disabled gamers of all ages, but in the first instance they'll be an amazing surprise Christmas present for many of the people we help."

More details can be found at 


  1. This sounds like a fantastic program! I love when companies give back like this, definitely makes me see them in a more positive light.

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