Tuesday 10 December 2019

Gift ideas for kids - part 2


Deeno bamboo toothbrush
The  Deeno DEENO-SAUR Bamboo Toothbrush (RRP £4.99) is designed for children aged 3-10 years.

The kids Organic Bamboo Toothbrush is an eco-friendly toothbrush that features a bamboo handle and nylon 6 BPA free bristles. Not only is the toothbrush recyclable but it is packaged in paper packaging and biodegradable protection bag.

As they believe oral hygiene is important the kids brand Deeno created a toothbrush with a wave design that helps get to hard to reach places for a great clean. Making brushing fun the Deeno-Saur bamboo toothbrush features aqua, orange or purple soft bristles.

Trends Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies 
The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies (£24.99) are lightweight long-range walkie-talkies perfect for outdoor explorations, secret missions and fun adventures!

Suitable for children 4 years + are lightweight and feature a handy belt clip. Ideal for outdoor escapades the 2 digital walkie-talkies work up to a range of 3km and feature a ringing call alert, press to talk buttons, night light and LED digital display.

The award winning (Creative Play Awards - Winner 2017) walkie-talkies from Trends support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning. They also inspire role play, spark imaginative play and encourage play with friends and/or siblings.

Foodie Roos
Foodie Roos plush collectibles from John Adams look smell and feel just like their favourite food! Squeeze their bellies to feel the surprise!

Made with 100% cuteness the adorable plus friends feature soft feel fabric. There are 20 food loving characters to collect in series 1with the characters divided into different food categories - fruit cup, gummies, popcorn, cookies, juice, chips, pretzel, soda and cereal. In each food category, there are at least two snack a roo characters to collect with the chance of finding a rare character.

Each Foodie Roos container gives a hint at which character inside, with a unique “Peek a Roo” reveal! The food container also becomes the Foodie’s room and comes complete with stickers to decorate the inside to make your Foodie Roo feel right at home.

DC Comics Batman drink bottle
Bring a bit of style to your daily drinking with this DC Comics Batman aluminium drink bottle (RRP £9.99) from GB Posters

Perfect for Batman fans the bottle is beautifully adorned with a printed design featuring iconic Batman images. The lightweight aluminium drinking bottle has a folding straw. Ideal for drinking on the go the bottle is reusable and environmentally friendly. 

Each bottle comes in it's own fully branded presentation box and includes an extra straw too!

OJO Which Way? Game
The OJO Which Way? coding board game (RRP £24.99) is a new and exciting strategy game that teaches coding skills for 4-8 year olds. 

The innovative coding game makes learning key coding skills fun for children. Playing the game teaches children 4 top coding skills so that they learn to define the problem, plan the solution, build the program and then test it.

Who can help Messy (from CBeebies TV show, Messy Goes to OKIDO) to visit all his friends across the map first? The game features a magic, self-driving car that works with the magnetic tiles.

Not only does it made learning coding fun the game also improves problem solving skills, builds confidence, improves communication and provides fulfillment and a sense of achievement.

Carlton Books Toy Story Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure book
Author Jane Kent brings the Toy Story world alive in this Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure book (RRP £9.99) from Carlton Books.

The hardback book’s 32 pages are filled with iconic Toy Story characters new and old. Use the free app to scan the pages and all the toys jump out in 3D animation onto your book. 

Play with Woody, press Buzz’s buttons to open this wings, trigger his laser light and sounds plus fill Hamm with coins.

Help Woody and his friends collect the augmented reality clues to unlock a hidden Toy Story 4 character.

Say howdy to Toy Story characters in this wonderful book that is beautifully illustrated and filled with awesome facts about the beloved toys. Perfect for little Toy Story fans this book is out of this world; innovative, fun, interactive and wonderfully illustrated. It’s an augmented reality adventure to infinity….and beyond!

Trends Mr Tumble Something Special Learning Pad
Fans of Mr Tumble and his hit Something Special TV show will love this Mr Tumble Something Special Learning Pad from Trends.

Let your child learn with Mr Tumble and Friends. The learning pad includes six activities to engage with plus an interactive quiz to encourage learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and musical instruments.

The touch sensitive screen makes exploration fun and easy to follow. The familiar Something Special characters is great for fans of the show and the fun sounds and facts make the learning pad a joy to play with.

The Mr Tumble Something Special Learning Pad supports educational learning with it helping children with colour and number recognition plus encourage listening and attention.

Tear it up with Terrasect! Terrorise the ground with this unstoppable, all-terrain RC.

The Terrasect from the Alpha Group is easy to use, navigate and manoeuvre over varying elevations. Slink and slither stealthily along the ground, then activate the relentless rolling attack and watch as Terrasect rolling reptile coils and rolls to take down its target! Nothing can stop this creepy creature – it can roll, flip and crawl in any direction!

This bold beast with glowing eyes is yours to command. errasect includes a 2.4 GHz controller with up to 150' range for indoor and outdoor use.

Save the Children Wonderbooks subscription
The Christmas gift that keeps on giving. 

Make a child’s world a little bigger and a little better this Christmas with Wonderbooks - a new three month children’s book subscription from Save the Children, inspired by real-life stories of courageous children from across the world.

Wonderbooks stories are suitable for most four-year olds to eight-year olds and provide a brilliant opportunity to broaden a child’s horizons and have a safe and open conversation with them about issues they see in the news, issues that often affect other children. The themes covered in the stories will allow children to ask questions, empathise and inspire them to act.

Wonderbooks consist of three books. 'Siema and the Storm' which introduces children to the fun of living in a floating village, 'Munni's Rooftop School' which showcases how to take matters into your own hands and 'Asif and the Songbird' which shows how migration feels from a child's perspective.

All three stories are tales of courage, resilience and hope and have been brought to life with beautiful drawings by children’s illustrators from across the globe.

Money raised from the sale of Wonderbooks has a direct impact on children around the world by financially supporting Save the Children’s work.

Zimpli Kids Chocolate emoji® Maker 
Chocolate emoji® Maker (RRP £9.99) is a creative chocolate toy that lets you design and create your own chocolate emoji.

The Chocolate emoji®️ Maker 2 bar pack includes 100% Belgian Chocolate - 2 x 45g bags of milk  chocolate, 2 x 15g bags of white chocolate, 2 x 8g bags of dark chocolate plus 2 x tray moulds, emoji®️ stencils and instructions. 

There is no need for a microwave or boiling water, simply melt the chocolate using nothing but warm tap water. Creating your favourite emoji is easy thanks to the mould and stencils. 

Put a smile on your child's face this Christmas by making a emoji chocolate bar made with the finest Belgian chocolate thanks to this creative kit. 

Animagic Scoot My Follow Me Pup 
The Animagic Scoot My Follow Me Pup from Vivid Imaginations is an adorable and obedient schnauzer.

This clever pup responds to your child, call her name or clap and watch Scoot come running back to their best friend. With over 35 sound and motion combinations, Scoot barks excitedly, wags her tail and whimpers when she wants a pet.

Scoot has two modes, on her lead and off her lead. On the lead she will walk along beside your child. Off the lead she will run off excitedly, zig zag, chase her tail and so much more but she always comes back to your side. Scoot is the most loving, loyal friend.

Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz
Create a colourful fizzing bath time adventure by dropping these bubbling Baff Bombz (RRP £4.99) into your bath water!

The fun Baff Bombz are 100% safe on skin and non irritant, non toxic, preservative free and stain free. Created by Zimpli Kids they are manufactured in the UK.

The 4 bath pack features 4 different coloured bath bombs - apple, grape, strawberry and tutti frutti.

Zimpli Kids ​emoji® Gelli Baff Pods
The brand new range of exciting emoji® licensed products from Zimpli Kids includes the reusable emoji® Gelli Baff Pod.

The fun set includes a unique a yellow plastic Emoji Sphere pod with 150g yellow Gelli Baff powder and 150g Gelli Baff dissolver inside. Simply add the Gelli Powder to your water and watch as the water transforms before your eyes into goo! This great bath time toy is 100% safe playtime fun.

VARTA Secret Life of Pets kids lights
Expert battery brand VARTA have teamed up with The Secret Life of Pets to create a range of kids lights.

VARTA Secret Life of Pets Plush Night Light
Cute and cuddly the Plush Night Light (RRP £18.99) is in the shape of the beloved character Gidget. The fur heart on Gidget’s belly emits a calming, warm pink glow.

When pressing the switch on the left front foot the light can easily be turned on/off. The light is energy saving thanks to an auto shut-off after 30 minutes. The LED night facilitates children falling asleep and is a decorative element in children's bedroom.

VARTA Secret Life of Pets Flashlight
The robust kids flashlight (RRP £4.99) from VARTA features a 'The Secret Life of Pets 2' design with popular characters Max and Gidget. The torch is perfect for accompanying little ones during darkness and through the night.

Thanks to a Shatterproof lens and a robust casing made of durable ABS plastic the light is the perfect companion for any adventure. It features 5 mm cool white LED and magnifier lens to provide long beam with a range of up to 13 meters and runtime of up to 16 hours.

VARTA rechargeable batteries

To keep the VARTA Secret Life of Pets lights and other electronic toys and gifts powered gift a set of VARTA rechargeable batteries and charger.

Slap Ninja
Slap Ninja is the new, fast paced skill and action game from Jakks Pacific. Test your reflexes! Who is faster? The Student or the Master?

Play as the Ninja Master and use his huge karate chop SLAP to defend his precious coin from his sneaky opponent. Or, play as the student trying to tap the coin in the Ninja’s hand to defeat him. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner, and the loser gets ZAPPED! It takes seconds to learn, but a lifetime to master!

* The gift guide includes product samples provided for the gift guide, products we have previously reviewed plus items from our boys' Christmas wish lists *


  1. I love the Foodie Roos. got some for my daughter for Christmas and I can't wait to see who she opens. The element of surprise is great!

  2. You have some great gift ideas for kids I have a few of these for the kids stockings this year x

  3. This is a great collection of gifts, for all tastes. I like the idea of gifting an eco toothbrush as well, it teaches children about how to use less plastic.

  4. You've included one of our favourite toys of 2019! Foodie Roos! We think they are ace and love the way they smell x

  5. So many brilliant gifts! Lots of these would be great stocking fillers too. I love that Toy Story book - I bet that will be popular after the movie came out!

  6. What a fantastic selection of gifts! My kids would absolutely love the Toy Story book and I am sure Jack would love the Slap Ninja!

  7. Lots of great ideas in here, I like the look of the which way game. Games that are fun and encourage learning too are always a winner. Mich x

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  9. The bamboo toothbrush would be a lovely gift as it will help to teach children about the importance of sustainability.

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  11. Such a fun filled gift guide, we have these bamboo tooth brushes and my nephew absolutely loves his.

  12. Mellissa Williams13 December 2019 at 16:40

    Wow, what a great selection of present ideas! I love that you thought to include batteries too - they're always something that gets forgotten

  13. All of those are wonderful gift ideas for Christmas. My kids would totally love that OJO Which Way? coding board game since most of them are into coding.