Tuesday 7 January 2020

Planning a sensational staycation: Tips for a holiday to remember

When people talk about holidays, we often envisage hopping on a plane and spending a week or two basking in the sun while lounging around a pool. While beach breaks are popular, you don’t have to flee the UK to enjoy a memorable holiday. Not only does this wonderful island boast fabulous beaches, but it also offers a whole host of activities and attractions. If you’re looking forward to enjoying a staycation this year, here are some top tips to help you plan a trip to remember. 

Finding the right destination
The UK is a fantastic place to enjoy a holiday, and there are endless locations to explore and discover. If you’re looking for inspiration for a destination for your next break, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to do while you’re away and how far you want to drive. If you don’t want to spend hours on the motorway, this will limit the list of suitable locations. Likewise, if you want to be active and enjoy the great outdoors, this will help you narrow down your options. From beaches and seaside arcades to lakes, mountains, cities and charming rural villages, there’s something for everyone. 

Where to stay
Once you’ve decided where you want to go, you can start thinking about where to stay. There’s a vast array of accommodation options available, including hotels and guesthouses, holiday parks and campsites and cottages and houses to rent.

Another possibility you might consider if you travel frequently is buying a caravan or a motorhome. After the initial outlay, taking breaks will be a lot cheaper, as you won’t have to pay for a bed for the night. If you’re not sure which kind of vehicle to buy, consider the pros and cons, compare prices and think about how much space you need for your family. If you don’t want to buy, you could also explore the possibility of hiring. When looking for accommodation, it’s always beneficial to look for the best deals online. If you’re going with a group of friends or relatives, splitting the cost of a house, villa or cottage will often work out cheaper than booking several hotel rooms. 

Stress-free journey tips
Many parents approach a road trip with a degree of trepidation. We’re all familiar with the groans of boredom and endless questions, but travelling doesn’t have to be stressful. To make the journey more pleasant and keep complaints at bay, take books and toys for younger children and plan games you can play as a family.

You might also want to download films or TV shows your kids can watch on tablets or phones. It’s also wise to stock up on snacks and drinks and to plan where you’re going to stop en route to stretch your legs, go to the loo and replenish your supplies. To reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic, check the travel news before you set off and try and avoid travelling at peak times. 

Staycations have become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re planning to enjoy the best Britain has to offer this year, hopefully, these tips will help you plan a sensational holiday. 

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