Wednesday 15 January 2020

Questions you need to answer before buying a car

Sliding behind the steering wheel of a new car can be one of the most thrilling experiences any of us get to enjoy, with the feeling of a whole world opening up around us. This vehicle will accompany us on road trips, school runs, shopping excursions and so much more; unofficially, many of us get to the point where we feel like the car is an extension of our family.

All of the above makes it that much more important that, when you come to buy a car - new or used - you are able to answer some key questions. These questions will decide how much you can spend, what type of car you get, and what you can expect when you sit in the drivers’ seat and start the engine - and below, we will go through a few of the most important one.

1. New or used?
The idea of buying a used car is off-putting to some people, with many arguing that something which has belonged to other people never feels truly “theirs”. In addition, the fact that a car is pre-owned inevitably means it is older than one straight off the lot. But here’s the flip-side to that: because cars lose half of their value in the first three years of existence, you can find used cars for an excellent price, and they often lose nothing in reliability when compared to newer models. In fact, a car that has simply been leased for those three years can still be bought affordably and with very few miles on the clock.

2. Diesel, petrol, or green?
We’re in the year 2020, and there is no point pretending that the question of climate is going to go away. At present, however, some people are inevitably going to be limited in how green they can be when choosing a car. As the technology improves, electric cars will get more affordable, be able to drive further on a single charge, and have more charging stations available. In the meantime, it is worth asking yourself questions about any non-electric car, such as how many miles it gets between refuelling stops, and whether the maker has a history of non-green behaviours

3. Can I test-drive the car?
This, really, is multiple questions in one. When you are buying a car that you expect to be using for the next several years, you will want to be confident behind the wheel, and as a minimum you will want to have had a test drive before paying for it. Beyond that, though, are other questions such as where you are buying the car from. If the seller is not happy for you to have a test drive, you have to wonder what they are hiding, and whether they have any business selling the car not only to you, but to anyone. If you are buying from a legitimate, licensed dealership, you’ll always be able to get a test drive. If you are buying from an online listing, sight unseen, stop immediately and don’t do that; it’s a bad way to buy a car.

These three questions are essential considerations before parting with the money to drive away in a car. There are others worth asking as well, because you can never be too well-informed on something as essential as mobility.

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