Wednesday 5 February 2020

Taking a stance and helping the planet

We, as humans, are destroying the planet. Step by step. The lifestyles that we lead individually may appear to have a small impact on the world surrounding us. But collectively, we are proving to be extremely harmful. Small choices that we make every day, such as driving, using plastic bags, opting for plastic straws, and using non-energy efficient lightbulbs are impacting the environment, having profoundly detrimental effects on everything else that inhabits the planet. The unfortunate news is that these lifestyle choices are causing climate change, which will slowly impact all of us. The effects are already being seen. Ice caps are melting, we’re reducing habitat through deforestation, and the rate of natural fire incidents is increasing. The worst part? Those being affected first tend to be the less fortunate amongst us and animals, who don’t play such a large role in this environmental change.

So, what can we do to stop this destruction of the very world we rely on to provide us with a home? Well, you need to make a stance! There are various day to day choices you can make to lead a more environmentally friendly life. You can recycle. You can reduce your plastic usage. You can, perhaps most importantly, cut out fossil fuels and rely on more green energy. The infographic below will show you how smart grid technologies are bringing eco-friendly energies to the mainstream market and giving you more choice in the types of energy you use!

Infographic Design By University of California RIverside

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