Monday 3 February 2020

Monster Jam Steel Titans review

As mentioned before the kids love Monster Jam with our middle child being a HUGE fan of the roarsome trucks.

We’ve been to a number of the action packed Monster Jam® Live shows which have been incredible experiences.

Our middle child has an ever-growing, impressive collection of Monster Jam toy trucks which he lovingly collects, showcasing them on a storage unit when they are not being played with.

Plus they love playing Monster Jam games on their consoles, from the Monster Jam Maximum Destruction on the PS2 to Monster Jam Crush It! on the Nintendo Switch.

Much to their delight last year a new Monster Jam® game was released on consoles - Monster Jam Steel Titans!

Monster Jam Steel Titans
Developed by THQ Nordic’s Rainbow Studios, Monster Jam Steel Titans delivers the complete Monster Jam experience for fans to enjoy - real trucks and real action!

Monster Jam Steel Titans takes fans beyond the stadium, allowing fans to experience what it takes to train and eventually compete like their favorite, real-life, professional Monster Jam athletes. 

Featuring iconic Monster Jam trucks, renowned drivers, stunts, stadiums and awesome competitions, the game is a monster-tastic gaming delight.

The game was first available digitally and physically on PS4, XBOX One and PC then in November 2019 it became available digitally on Nintendo Switch with the physical version of the game available this year on the 4th February 2020.

As the physical release of the game on the Nintendo Switch is due to speed on to retailers’ shelves tomorrow Tuesday the 4th February 2020 I thought I’d share with you a few reasons why we love Monster Jam Steel Titans.

Iconic Monster Jam trucks
The game features 25 of the most recognizable trucks from the Monster Jam Live shows including Grave Digger, Max-D™, El Toro Loco®, Monster Mutt® and many more.

The game begins with the player using a training truck to learn all about monster trucking in the Monster Jam University and begin the career mode.

Challenging gamers most of the trucks have to be unlocked by completing competitions to gain Monster Jam coins that can be used to buy trucks as well as upgrades and improvements which can be unlocked by increasing your rank in career mode. 

Whilst the graphics of the game as a whole are not spectacular and crisp with the background scenes not as detailed as the trucks, the Monster trucks are recognisable as the iconic trucks we all know and love. The trucks’ colours are vibrant and the detail on the trucks is great.

As the game features a great selection of beloved trucks it is great for Monster Jam fans and offers variety so gamers can choose from a number of different trucks to use when competing races and competitions in the game.

My kids love unlocking new trucks and find the challenge to do so exciting and lots of fun. They love that the game showcases so many amazing trucks and love driving a MONSTER as they compete with some of their favourite trucks.

Game modes
The game boasts a number of different fun game modes to play which provides a lot of variety and entertainment with something for everyone.

Gamers can train just like their favourite Monster Jam pro driver at the Monster Jam University as they progress through the career mode. As players progress through their career they can unlock new trucks and upgrades as well as unlock more of the Monster Jam world.

Once areas of the massive Monster Jam open world have been unlocked via the career mode players can fast teleport to that area. The world can be seen via a 3D map available in the menu which displays more areas as they are unlocked.

As well as career mode players can also play with friends in split screen.

The game also offers quick play mode where gamers can choose from a variety of different competitions to compete in. The event types include head-to-head, circuit racing, rhythm, waypoint, freestyle, two-wheel skills, timed destruction and freeride.

The kids love the quick play modes with timed destruction being one of their favourites. They love demolishing the environment as they smash crates and crush junk cars scattered around the stadiums whilst their trucks get battered from the monster-tastic action with body panels breaking off!

Superb stadiums
The game offers more variety thanks to the 12 different stadiums where the trucks speed, showcase stunts and entertain. The stadiums are those renowned for Monster Jam shows and include Anaheim, Glendale and Salt Lake City.

As well as stadiums the game also features a massive outdoor world. The impressive big open world features obstacles such as boost pads, jumps and loops. 

Terrific tutorials
Helping make the game accessible for all the game offers helpful lessons on all things Monster Jam truck driving and racing via the Monster Jam University. Lessons include how to drive the trucks and how to achieve stunts such as donuts and flips. 

The useful lessons help gamers fine-tune their monster truck skills and help little gamers play the game. With the game being suitable for those aged 3 years and over, thanks to the lessons and game design our 4 year old has quickly learnt how to drive the trucks he loves for fun racing action. The fact that the game has easy to learn controls also helps make the game great for all ages.

As well as gaining Monster Jam coins from events to unlock more trucks and upgrades the game also has collectables. Scattered across the massive open world there are 50 collectables to find. The collectables are yellow and black triangles reminiscent of the iconic Monster Jam logo. If you find all of the 50 collectables you gain a trophy.

Trophies can also be achieved by completing different achievements in the events for example you can get the No More Training Wheels bronze trophy for completing the tutorial and if you successfully perform a 11x stunt combo in freestyle you get a silver Stunt Man trophy.

Supreme stunts
Not only do the kids love destroying the environment and battering their trucks in timed destruction mode they also love performing stunts galore with their favourite trucks. 

They find it lots of fun to master an array of awesome stunts including moonwalks, stoppies, power outs, back-flips and massive air tricks.

Monster Jam magic
Whilst the game could feature more detailed graphics and it would be lovely to see more trucks - for example there are 3 El Toro Loco trucks in different designs so they could have replaced a couple of them with different trucks but as there have been optional DLC packs with more trucks such as a Fire and Ice collection of monster trucks available on the PS4 and XBOX I have high hopes more trucks could be bought for the Nintendo Switch version in the near future - the game is great for little fans of Monster Jam.

With superb stadiums, iconic Monster Jam and splendid stunts the game is action packed and a roarsome good time of Monster Jam magic for children.

* We were gifted a code for this game


  1. Great post! I have a baby boy, so I am preparing myself for all the boystrous stuff in store! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. My son is Monster truck mad! He would love to go to one of the shows you took the boys to, but I always seem to miss them up our end. The game looks amazing, and definitely something I know he would enjoy. He's just turned eight, and with that he's enjoying consoles. All quite new, but certainly entertaining.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra4 February 2020 at 23:16

    This would be nice to have if you can't go to a live action monster jam event. I am sure any little boy or girl would love to play this game.

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