Wednesday 25 March 2020

Teaching your kids to respect school rules

Teaching your kids how to behave respectfully is an important lesson. In order for your child to succeed academically and develop important social skills, they must understand how to respect school rules, as well as other people.

To help your child understand why respect is so important and why they should do their best to follow school rules, here is some great advice from Mount House School

Role model
It is important that parents are good role models and demonstrate respectful behaviour, both in public and at home. You should ensure that your kids understand the meaning of respect and the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviour. Try to avoid any rule breaking whilst your children are present! If you break the rules they will believe they can too.

School rules
If your child’s school has a set of rules displayed on their website, it is a good idea to print this off for your child to read. Discuss these rules with your child and ensure that they understand why each one is important. The majority of school rules are created to ensure that all children and staff are safe, happy and working together.

Respect teachers
Always encourage your children to value their own learning and success. They can demonstrate this by being respectful towards their teachers, arriving on time to school and working to the best of their ability.

Be kind
One of the most important school rules is to always be kind and helpful to others. Teach your children to value other people’s ideas and opinions and treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

Respect the planet
Finally, school rules often include instructions on how to respect school property and the environment. This means never causing damage to school property and always using rubbish and recycling bins. It is crucial that all students take pride in their school environment and want to play a part in keeping it safe and clean.

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