Monday 16 March 2020

How to be more involved in your child's education

Parental involvement is a huge contributor to a child’s academic success. Parents can help their children to progress well at school by simply showing an interest in class work and becoming more involved in their education.

It is important to show your child that you care about their learning and that you are proud of their achievements. The more supported a child feels at home, the better they will perform at school.

Here is some great advice for parents from Brampton College on how to be more involved in your child’s education.

Help your child with homework
Offer to help your child with their homework, or share study time together while you work on a project of your own. When helping with homework, try not to do the work for them, but instead ask them questions until they reach the answer independently. 

Create a study area
Create a study area for your child and if they have exams coming up, help them to make a study schedule. This will also help to develop your child’s organisation and time management skills.

Read together
Support your child’s literacy skills by regularly reading with them. Find out what they have been reading in class and read school books together at home.

Talk about school
Encourage your child to talk to you about interesting things they have learnt at school. Repeating what they have learnt in class will help to store the information in their memory and motivate your child to listen to the teacher.

Don’t push
Try not to set your expectations too high and instead allow your child to develop at their own pace. By putting too much pressure on your child you can negatively affect their academic performance and cause stress.

Get to know the teachers
Get to know your child’s teachers and try to be a part of the school community. This will help to show your child how much you care about their education. 

Learn as a family
Finally, help to develop a love of learning by demonstrating that learning can happen anywhere - not just in the classroom! This can be achieved by teaching them about the wildlife in your garden or by planning family days out to museums and art galleries.

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