Monday 16 March 2020

Why Reading is Important for Children?

Reading is an essential skill that offers numerous benefits to children. Reading helps us to learn and it can also be used for entertainment and relaxation.

If your child needs a bit of encouragement, Mill Hill School have put together some great reasons why reading is important…

Expands knowledge
The more you read, the more you learn. By encouraging your child to practice regular reading, you will help to expand their knowledge and spark their imagination. This will not only help them academically, but it will also give them lots of fascinating things to talk about with friends and family.

Increases vocabulary
Reading books, websites, magazines and other written material has been proven to increase vocabulary. When your child comes across a word that they do not understand, ask them to write it down and then look up the meaning. This will help to enhance their vocabulary and it will also benefit their writing skills.

Improves writing
Regular reading will give your child a better understanding of good sentence structure and the rhythm of words. They will learn how to write well and how to effectively tell a story. If your child enjoys a particular book you could set them a challenge to create a new ending to the story.

Helps relaxation
If your child struggles with stress or has trouble sleeping, reading could be the answer! By immersing themselves in a good story, your child will forget about their worries and begin to relax. Next time your child feels stressed, introduce them to a new book and let their imagination take them away to somewhere new.

What can parents do to encourage reading?
Try to include reading and writing into your everyday activities. For example, you could ask your child to read a new recipe, write your shopping list or read the instructions of a new game.

Also, it is important to keep your children reading throughout the school holidays. This will prevent them from falling into the ‘summer slide’ where they start to forget all of their hard work at school.

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