Sunday 30 August 2020

Reasons why vinyl flooring is a great choice for busy households


When designing or renovating a home there are many design aspects that need to be considered such as the lighting, the style and colour of walls including whether you opt for paint or wallpaper or a mixture of both, and furniture and accessories. Another important feature of a room that needs to be thought of when designing a new home or giving an existing home a complete redesign is flooring.

Walls, light fixtures and furniture are often prioritised with lots of thought put into getting the right design choice for the space whilst flooring is often overlooked. But don’t overlook flooring. Not only should you consider the best flooring for your practical needs but flooring is important in interior design as the type and colour/style can completely change the look and feel of a room. Plus as flooring is not something you change very often you want to ensure you get the right flooring for your home style and practical needs.

Whilst there are a wide variety of different flooring types available, all of which have their own pros and cons, when it comes to a busy household especially a household with kids vinyl flooring can be a great option. Here we look at a few of the reasons why vinyl flooring is a great option for a busy household.


As kids and mess often go hand in hand - spillages, mud splattered football boots and wellies stomping into the home and toys being strewn everywhere as if a tornado hit the house - flooring that can withstand mess is a must. Plus busy households equal high usage and lots of footfall which can be hard wearing on floors.

Thankfully vinyl flooring is very durable and robust. Plus thanks to UV-cured urethane coating vinyl flooring is resistant to dents, scratches and stains. As vinyl flooring is extremely durable it is perfect for busy households. With cheap vinyl flooring being resilient and hard-wearing is great for all rooms in a busy household, being especially ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and where mess is likely to happen such as kids playrooms and the kitchen. 

Easy to install

Vinyl flooring is quick and easy to install, being DIY friendly. Available in ready to roll sheets, tiles or planks fitting is simple and suitable for all rooms within a home.

Comfortable underfoot

Vinyl flooring is available in varying thicknesses and often features thermal backing to provide underfoot comfort and warmth. As vinyl flooring provides a solid underfoot feel which gives support as you walk plus comfort it is a great comfortable yet practical flooring option for the home. 

Another bonus is that this floor material offers sound dampening properties, no loud stepping sounds when the baby is asleep compared to hardwood or tile flooring. Plus if kept dry and clean it offers great slip resistance which is great when you have busy kids in the home.

Low maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring is easy. Cleaning spills, mess and grime away requires little effort and thanks to it’s stain, dent, scratch and scuff resistant coating it can look as good as new no matter what a busy household throws at it. 

Vinyl flooring is known for its hygienic properties. Thanks to its lack of pores in the material it helps prevent germs, dirt build up and mould. It is also recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers as unlike carpet and some timbers it doesn’t harbour dust or particles.

Not only is vinyl flooring stain resistant but it is also water resistant too. As it is moisture resistant unlike carpet and floorboards that absorb moisture and laminate flooring that warp due to spillages, the finish on vinyl flooring will not deteriorate, peel or warp due to moisture, spillages and cleaning. This quality means vinyl flooring can be used anywhere to inside the home and is ideal for regularly wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Affordable and great value for money

Compared to wood flooring and carpets, vinyl flooring is very affordable. In particular sheet vinyl is a great option for those on a budget. It also offers great value for money as it is durable and long-lasting it will not need replacing for a long time due to damage or wear compared to laminate flooring warping due to water damage or stains on carpets.


Not only is vinyl flooring available in sheets, planks and tiles but it is also available in a humongous variety of different colours and styles. Thanks to the wide range of styles available there is a vinyl flooring option to suit all tastes and decor throughout the home to create a luxurious, stylish look. There are even designs that look like tiles and wood so you can benefit from the look of tiles or wood with the great benefits that vinyl flooring offers. There are also a great range of vinyl flooring that look a little different that are colourful and quirky such as jigsaw patterns or play roads that are ideal for a kids bedroom or playroom being great for a family home.

Do you have vinyl flooring in your home?

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