Wednesday 2 September 2020

Archery - The Perfect Sport For Your Kids


Do your kids spend their free time glued to their smartphones? Unfortunately, kids these days fail to engage themselves in healthy physical activity. Cyber technology has advanced and has become a necessity in nearly all spheres of life. That’s why most parents face the problem of taking their children off-screen. Incorporating physical activity into your child’s daily routine is vital. It improves life quality and reduces life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Archery is a beautiful sport to introduce to your kids. It helps in developing their mental and physical skills, disciplines them, and boosts their confidence. It is a family sport which is available all year round. Everyone can enjoy it as it holds no limitation on age, gender, or ability.

Here are a few reasons why archery would benefit your children. 

Boosts the Cardiovascular System 

Archers burn about 150 calories a day by walking nearly 4-5 miles to retrieve the arrows from the target board. Doing so improves their cardiovascular system immensely. The strength required to shoot the arrows also elevates the heart rate. Hence, these physical activities pump up your kids’ cardiovascular system, which in turn, strengthens their heart. Thus, archery keeps you healthy and fit enjoyably. 

Improves Balance, Stability, and Coordination

Successful archers need to perfect their hand-eye coordination to fire the perfect arrow. While aiming at the target, the eyes send signals to the brain about the action that will be performed. Then, the brain sends signals to the hand and related core muscles to perform the shooting action.

While strength is essential to gain success in archery, archers also require impeccable balance and stability to deliver the perfect shot. 

Archery requires constant practice and determination, which aids in building endurance and stamina. These attributes play a vital role in attaining success, especially when participating in archery tournaments. 

Teaches Self Control 

Patience and self-control are integral for archery. These attributes help your kids to focus on achieving their target by tuning out all distractions. Research has shown that physical activities motivate children to achieve their goals by focusing on their task. 

Hence, archery is a sport that teaches children self-control and helps in developing your kid’s mental and physical health. Archery requires laser focus concentration and excellent decision-making skills for the archer to hit the bullseye flawlessly.  Kids need to remain calm and focus on their breathing and hand-eye coordination. Not only does this help to increase their target accuracy, but it also reduces symptoms of stress by maintaining their composure.

With constant repetition, these young archers will learn nothing as a bad shot exists, and that perfection only comes through mastering self-control, patience, and practice. Archery teaches your children never to give up and never give in to pressure. 

Teaches Sportsmanship and Teamwork

In archery, everyone is responsible for their performance, yet it still offers the opportunity for teamwork. Archery teaches your kids rules of engagement, collaboration, and dealing with success as well as failure. These rules demonstrate how to respect and observe discipline when engaging in any sporting activity. 

Kids learn to adapt to different situations. For example, one team member might have a poor performance in a tournament, which can negatively affect the team’s overall position. Your kids need to display sportsmanship and accept the outcome’s responsibility as a team rather than blaming one another. Target archery provides the perfect environment for building teamwork and improving communication skills. 

Completely Safe

If you are afraid that your kids will get hurt while operating a bow and arrow, be rest assured that archery is one of the world’s safest sport. US Archery recommends beginning the junior archery development program at the age of 8. Therefore this would be the perfect age to introduce your kids to archery. 

The kids are given thorough safety instructions before beginning their sessions. They wear protective gear such as wrist guards before they enter the shooting range. The shooting range is cleared before they start the practice sessions. By nature, archery is not a very active sport, so this reduces the risk of any severe injury. 


Archery gives your child a chance to shine at an individual level. It provides your kid with a sense of accomplishment every time they hit the bullseye. It also teaches your children how to set their goals and achieve their targets through patience and self-control. It is an affordable sport that enhances your kids’ communication skills and builds a vital essence of sportsmanship and teamwork.

If you’re scouting for physical activities that would improve your kid’s focus, confidence, physical and mental health, and polish their social skills, you should give archery a shot!

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