Thursday 3 September 2020

5 Things Your Web Presence Requires in 2020


2020 is not messing around.

More people have had to change their lifestyle, their business practice and their work life balance than ever before in history. People have been forced to work from home and rely on the internet for nearly everything outside of their own home. It has been a strange time indeed.

So for those now operating online and having to shift their business to an online platform, you need to focus on key elements to aid you in moving your business onwards from this point. So what should you be looking at implementing at this time?

Website Overhaul

Maybe your website was just an extra to your business and has suddenly become the primary focus of your entire operation. With that in mind you need to be amending it and updating regularly to be able to successfully operate a thriving business.

Maybe your business needs to be rebranded to highlight changes in your business practice. This could also signify that your business is thriving at this time and could be the right business for clients looking for whatever you do.

Obviously keeping clients informed of changes due to Covid-19 effects and regulations will always need to be present, especially if they can delay your services, workload or product reaching the client. People are looking for certainties so the more you feel you are addressing your client base the better.

Turn Your Website into Your Office or Store

If you sell products then it may just be the right time to transform your website into an online store.

There are different ways of achieving this with shopping cart software if you plan on selling through your website as an extra, or transforming your site into a full ecommerce site if trading through it is the main focus.

If you provide a service, you could always have chatbots installed or a direct link of video chat or email requests for online meetings so that you can keep a personal visage with clients and give them a familiarity with you as a business.

As a lot of people have been experiencing the struggles of this uncertain period, taking the time to communicate with your clients and interested parties will provide an interest and stability that your most valued priority (customers) just may need.

Social Outreach

Now is the time to communicate through social media platforms to ensure clients and customers that you are there to stay and still servicing their needs during this time.

Through platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin you have a free platform to reach many new clients as well as promote your products and services over hundreds of groups and business pages. You can even generate blogs for your website and share them through the various pages and groups, as well as generate a business page over both platforms. The more reach out the better for your business.

If you do not have the time to generate posts daily or undertake the above workload you can always source a qualified digital agency who can undertake all of the online duties from Responsive website design to copywriting your online material. Stockport website design providers can also transport your business higher in search engine rankings to maximise your company profile.

If you want to make 2020 work for you where many don’t take advantage, start with the presence online and build your brand for the decade ahead.

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