Wednesday 16 September 2020

Top Tips to Becoming More Environmentally Friendly


Have you been living quite a wasteful life and feel it’s time for a change? Becoming more environmentally friendly may feel quite overwhelming because there are so many things you can change, but the trick is to take it one alteration at a time until it all starts to come naturally. Since Covid-19, the economy has started to struggle, so it’s become even more important to start cutting back and saving by living a ‘greener’ lifestyle. 

There are lots of big things you can change around your home to make it an eco-friendly environment, but these might be costly. For instance, if you don’t have double glazing, it’s worth getting it installed as it will maintain the temperature in your home. In other words, it will keep the heat in during winter and keep the heat out during summer. This will reduce your utility bills. You could also have smart home technology installed that will enable you to control the lighting and heating in a more environmentally friendly way. Here are some of the simpler things you can do to make a difference:

* Swap out your traditional halogen lightbulbs to LED alternatives, as they use far less energy and don’t have to be replaced as often.

* When you go shopping, try to take a reusable canvas bag rather than paying for plastic ones each time. Keep them in your boot if you tend to forget.

* Do some research into green printing solutions for the office to help reduce paper and ink waste. There are print management companies that can help.

* Start a compost bin, especially if you are a keen gardener, as it will benefit your plants and help you save money.

* Invest in a sturdy, reusable water bottle so that you don’t have to keep buying them when you’re out and about. If you do buy a plastic bottle, be sure to recycle it. 

* Invest in metal or bamboo straws, rather than plastic ones; it’s a cost-effective solution and healthier for the environment.

* If possible, cycle or walk to work, or suggest carsharing with your colleagues who live locally.

These are just a few ideas to get you started and inspire you to become more eco-friendly. Once you make a few basic changes, it will start to come more easily to you. 

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