Friday 16 October 2020

Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed review


Are you ready to command the strongest lifeforms in the world?

Join the fierce battle between factions and unleash the power of Zoids!

Renowned games publisher Outright Games and iconic developer Codeglue unleashed legendary characters from the hugely successful Zoids franchise in the brand new game Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed available exclusively on Nintendo Switch™ from today!

Zoids is a global franchise that spans 35+ years, with its long running series of model kits, comics, TV shows and video games. Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed is based on the most recent smash-hit anime series iteration ‘Zoids Wild’.

Unleash the wild mecha power and animal instinct of Zoids, in spectacular and exhilarating head-to-head battles on Nintendo Switch. With stunning graphics faithful to the Zoids Wild anime, and an intuitive 3D combat system that lets you chain incredible combos instinctively for action packed battles, Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed is the ultimate showdown between your favorite pilots and their Zoids! 

But are Zoids merely weapons, or your partners? Your skill in combat will decide who wins between warring factions including Arashi’s Team Freedom and the power-hungry Team Dark Metal, in a new Zoids story. 

So choose your hero, step onto the battlefield, and fight to awaken the greatest bond between human and Zoid – then use the hidden power known as Wild Blast to defeat your rivals! 

With a huge choice of characters, Zoids and game modes, Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed takes mecha combat to the next level. Settle scores in 2-player battles, challenge yourself in Mission Mode and Battle Tactics Mode, and hone your skills in Practice Mode. Are you ready to command the strongest lifeforms in the world?

Key Features

* Go head to head – Compete in 1vs1 mecha battles with breathtaking 3D combat

* Enter the Zoids universe – Play as a large cast of Zoids characters with faithful visuals

* New story – Join the war between factions and discover a new Zoids sub-species

* 2-player action – Test your skills against other players

* Simple controls – Easily chain moves and devastate opponents with your Final Blast

“We’re thrilled to today bring a new iteration of the wildly popular Zoids to the West,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “This is an incredibly exciting franchise, with a universe and legacy that is ideal for a video game adaptation. With an extensive cast of the most popular Zoids, and an in depth story modem, we feel we have created a faithful adaptation that fans will love.”


Battle ready

To get battle ready for the new game and celebrate it’s release we were sent a wonderful battle box.

Zoid Universe

The colourful game features visuals which are loyal to the Zoids universe and respectful to the popular anime franchise. Evoking the spirit of Zoids the artstyle complements the Zoids universe and sparks a connection with the franchise.

Lee who was a fan of the Zoids franchise when he was younger has found this game to be an enjoyable blast from the past. Not only has he enjoyed the nostalgia that it has triggered but he has also enjoyed sharing an interest from his childhood with his kids.

Unleash the Zoids!

The game features an impressive cast of Zoids characters from the warring factions of Team Freedom and Team Dark Metal. Zoids and the riders include Bonesaw and Haxile, Dragz and Numb-Lock, Overbyte and Malware, and Gyro and Master Bug.

Zoids, Zoids and yet more Zoids.

There are 16 Zoids to play as, 8 Zoids from each faction. You can also unlock new subspecies for each Zoids too. The range of Zoids and different styles available to unlock add variety to the game and a challenge to unlock all of the Zoids and their subspecies. At the beginning of the game there are 5 Zoids available to play as (each with 2 different species style) in battle mode.

As you play the game new Zoids are unlocked that can be played in the battle mode and mission mode.

The fighting, action game can be played in 1 player story mission mode or 1-2 player battle mode.

Battle mode

In battle mode you can play 1 player against the CPU or with a friend in 2 player mode. 

Simply choose your Zoid and which subspecies of the Zoid you want to play as before selecting a Blast effect such as Power UP, Energy UP or Breaker UP. 

Whilst selecting your Zoid you can see the stats for their power, guard and speed.

Settings for number of rounds, health and CPU difficulty can be adjusted to make the game perfect for players of different abilities or if you want to challenge yourself. You also need to select the battle stage you want to play on. The game offers a wide variety of different battle stages, 14 in total to choose from including Wildlands, Volcano, Desert Night and Dark Metal Base.

Mission mode

In mission mode there are three different modes - continuous battle, story and practice.

As the name suggests practice mode is where you can practice your skills and learn how to get the best out of your Zoid.

In continuous battle you take on 7 challengers back-to-back, pushing your Zoid to the limit.

In story mode you set off on an adventure as Quade puts Liger’s wide-eyed rider Arashi to the test as he heads out on a quest to find Ancient Treasure Z.

As you play the story mode adventure you unlock new challenges to battle as different Zoids and their riders from both factions.

Progressing in the story and accomplishing missions as you try to get new recruits unlocks new Zoids, subspecies, new songs in the Music gallery and new photos.

Zoids! With a metal body, animal instincts, and a fighting spirit, these creatures rule the world with their iron might. But when a human joins forces with a Zoid, they unlock a hidden power that knows no limits. They call it… Wild Blast! 

The game controls are easy to master and chain moves help create epic battles. You can see the controls for different moves and their availability to use on the bottom of the screen.

All of the Zoids have their own unique combat moves such as Tanks’ Atomic Shell, Liger’s Tempest Roar and Bonesaw’s Splinter Swing Attack. The Zoids have more than one special combat move so you can switch between moves to deal max damage. After using a move it needs to be recharged but thanks to the other special moves and fighting action you can keep on battling. 

As the Zoids deal damage their Wild Blast power charges up. Once available it will say Beast Bond or Dark Blast Engage (depending on faction) where their icon is. 

Using Wild Blast power unleashes their blast effect such as Speed UP or Gauge UP for extreme fighting power. When activated the Zoids glow with an electrifying look which the kids think looks awesome.

The battles are non-stop, fast-paced action. The different combat moves add variety and helps make for exciting battles.

Gone wild for Zoids Wilds: Blast Unleashed

We’ve all loved the game including the roarsome action of the battles, the loyal Zoids Wild anime artstyle, the Wild Blast epic power, the variety of incredible Zoids and subspecies and the interesting story that adds a challenge and reward of unlocking new items and characters.

Perfect for fans of Zoids Wild and those who enjoy fighting as robots for monumental battles Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed is out TODAY exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™

* In return for this review we were gifted a code for the game and a Zoids Wild battle box *


  1. My nephew got a switch recently. This game would make a great holiday gift. It looks like one he would enjoy, he's very into battling right now.

  2. I bet the kids had a lot of fun playing this, it seems a bit like digimon or transformers mixed together x

  3. I’ve never heard of this game before but I think it’s something my partner would really enjoy! I might have to look out for it for him x

  4. My son is really into games and I am sure he would love to play the Zoids Wild Blast with hid dad

  5. I have never heard of this before. But this is something my 9 year old son, Aaron would really love to play with.

  6. I am sure your kids loved it! My son is still too small for playing any kind of games (he just turned 4), but I know that it will change once he goes to school 😊