Thursday 12 November 2020

Never Too Old to Make the Change

The old saying of “You are never too old to be what you want to be” stretches through every type of individual, and even those who have lived out their chosen path and now feel the need to find new challenges in order to fulfill some form of personal satisfaction feel the desire to look into new roads.

The world changes as much as our desires and attitudes. With new ways of living we find ourselves tuned to new ways of learning, and with the focus on renewing our planet for a greener environment we find ourselves interested in finding ways to change our ways of working to help.

In the case of those looking for a career in electrical installation, and even those currently in the field for many years, the chance to join the fight against consumption and waste breathes a new breath of fresh air thanks to a smart meter apprenticeships.

Optimism for New Leavers

The opportunities for young school leavers looking to begin their career with a growing industry have the youth and energy to really exceed with a career in smart meter installation and gaining the qualifications over years to train to be an electrician.

Young school leavers can capitalise on the working hours where older, married parental workers would have to refuse jobs and be able to fit in a lot more jobs over a working day due to fewer commitments. This also allows a greater range when it comes to young adults wanting to build stability for their future and be able to secure their own home and prepare for the challenges of the future even better.

Old Dogs New Tricks

A green energy apprenticeships also can be a great motivator for electrical contractors who have been in the field for many years to increase their potential.

With every home and business set to have smart meters installed over the next few years, the workload is set to be extensive. However, due to a national shortage of qualified electrical and gas installers throughout the UK, the market for training is seeing an increase in interest from expert electricians looking to learn this new phase of electrical requirement.

“You’re never too old to learn something new” is the other old saying, and it's true.

Stepping Into the Future

The future of energy looks very different and by training to be at the forefront of working with customers to provide simpler, smarter and more sustainable ways to save their consumption and the planet is a commitment that is supported by those in government.

By taking a smart meter apprenticeship, you begin a journey of learning and qualification to provide a secure future for yourself and everyone else. Electricians can also save more time and money with route planning apps like Straightaway.

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