Thursday 12 November 2020

New Restriction Effects for PT

November 2020 is officially the month of the second national lockdown in England in the UK, and those who felt the effects of the larger lockdown months may be feeling the strain and thinking of the effects on their physical wellbeing again.

Whilst some gyms have faced closures under the new month long restrictions, the good news is that outside activities are still permitted which is a big difference to the previous lockdown. Without limiting our form of exercise to one per day, we have the opportunity to continue our physical exercise without confinement to the house.

But how can you make up for the loss of the gym and household mixing putting a dampener on a personal trainer coming to your home?

Travel to Exercise

Okay the good news is that you are permitted to travel for exercise and outdoor activities.

Although the parameters of how far you are permitted to travel are not as simple, as outdoor activity is limited to doing it locally as much as possible, with only necessary travel if required. Walking and cycling to wherever you are training is advised, with public transport requiring some planning to avoid heavily congested times.

Travelling outside your region is not permitted for physical exercise, so climbing the hills of Scotland and Wales is out of the picture for the time being.

PT Outdoor Sessions

Although advice has been sketchy, the government does state that outdoor exercise activity can be undertaken with one other person not from their household. 

What this means is that you can still utilize a personal trainer for workouts in outdoor settings. However, on doing this you must ensure that social distancing is employed as well as other safety measures. If you or the other party have experienced or have symptoms of covid-19 or have been in close contact with others who have then you should not work out together.

Beginning to Train to Train

Those who are having plans of turning their love of personal fitness into a career do not necessarily have to wait off pursuing a fitness instructor courses Plymouth.

Courses like these can be done distance learning and can fully utilise the time during lockdown to achieve the qualifications with the extra time on hand. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to help other individuals should another lockdown occur throughout next year as you will be able to mix up group online lessons with one to one learning, maximising your workload in times when people need it most.

Finding the opportunity to focus on a fitness instructor course during these trying times gives you a sense of purpose as well as the opportunity to keep on top of your passion for fitness.

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