Thursday 26 November 2020

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay - review


With our middle child being a fan of Paw Patrol and loves the console game Paw Patrol: On A Roll, he was giddy with excitement about the release of a new game Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay.

Based on the hit children’s TV show and inspired by the mega hit movie “PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups” produced by Spin Master Entertainment, this PAWsome, super powered game from Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family friendly interactive entertainment, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Nickelodeon features Ryder and the famous pups on a phenomenal new adventure. 

A meteor has fallen in Adventure Bay and now the PAW Patrol have been given spectacular superpowers. With the town in a mighty mess, the pups must use their new powers to set things right again. 

Now it’s up to you and the Pups to use their powers, rescue skills and gadgets to make the town PAWsome again!

Aimed at pre-schoolers Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay is a child-friendly game designed for young gamers and fans of Paw Patrol.

Catering for its core audience (this is not a game designed for adults, teenagers and older children) it is a simple platformer with no enemies that introduces younger children to gaming. 

The controls are easy to use and there are plenty of prompts and tips to help little ones know what button to press for the action needed to solve a puzzle or progress further on the mission. For young gamers who can’t yet read, Ryder helps by telling them the different menu options and helping with controller prompts. 

The game stars Ryder and all 8 Paw Patrol pups so that fans can play as Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Everest, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Tracker. The adorable pups are colourful, cute and look just like they do in the shows and movie which is great for fans for character recognition. 

The 3D adventure platformer offers 7 super-heroic and exciting main missions to rescue friends and save the day. Explore the town of Adventure Bay and journey to Jake’s snowboarding resort, Tracker’s jungle and beyond, as you work together to rescue friends. 

The vibrant game features iconic locations from the show and TV-style mission briefings, making the game recognisable for fans of Paw Patrol and adding excitement to the game. The familiar visuals are impressive and the gameplay is very stable. The game’s sound is catchy and varied with an eclectic soundtrack that kids will love.

For the different levels of the game you are given different pups to play as. The pups all have their own unique mighty powers such as Chase’s Super Speed, Marshall’s Mighty Heat, and Skye’s Whirlwind Power which you can select to use to solve problems and puzzles to progress through the level. 

As you play the missions there are collectibles such as dog treats and medals to find. The collectibles are fun for kids to find and collecting them gives children a sense of accomplishment. Collecting all items in each level also unlocks character profiles and extra minigames. 

The addition of mini-games not only adds fun to the game but extends the replayability of the game. The fun mini-games include a rhythm based dancing game and a simple snow-clearing game. 

Overall we have loved this game just as much as we did Paw Patrol: On A Roll. The visuals are vibrant and recognisable, music is catchy, controls are easy to use and gameplay is fun. Our 5 year old has loved finding all the collectibles and finishing the mighty main missions which has boosted his gaming confidence and filled him with a sense of accomplishment. He’s loved the mini-games, especially Pup Pup Boogie! He’s also loved that he can team up on the double with someone else for co-op mode. The kids love the fun factor of the game and I appreciate the educational benefits - the game develops hand-eye coordination, problem solving and teamwork. 

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC Digital and exclusively at retail from Smyths priced at $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99.


  1. I have friends and family who have young children who love Paw Patrol, so I can see this making a very good Christmas present!

    An lovely and excellent family-friendly game to get children into video games!

  2. This sounds like a fabulous games for fans of Paw Patrol to play during the long Christmas holiday. The price is reasonable as well.

  3. I have kids who love both gaming and Paw Patrol so would definitely love this. Maybe something I should pick up for Christmas....

  4. Aw, my kids loved Paw Patrol when they were younger! These games look brilliant for young fans

  5. A few of my friends kids love paw petrol so I hear about it all the time, sounds like a fun game and I bet it would be a great Christmas present x

  6. Paw Patrol toys look so nice, I have a new nephew who is a little young for them but next year he will be the right age for them.

  7. How amazing!! I have two little boys who absolutely love Paw Patrol, we have most of the physical toys, so this may well be on the Christmas list!

  8. My son has a pup patrol game for the Xbox maybe the one just before this game. Looks great. I know he would like it

  9. Paw Patrol is a huge hit with my preschool kids, I can imagine them loving this game