Tuesday 24 November 2020

Little Tiger Press Christmas books


As we are a bookish family and love Christmas one of favourite Christmas traditions is to read Christmas books in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Whilst we already have a hamper overflowing with cherished Christmas books we’ve collected over the years, we always like to add new Christmas books  to our beloved collection. This year we are getting into the Christmas spirit with Little Tiger Press.

Peas on Earth

Written by Jonny Marx and illustrated by Lindsey Sagar, Peas on Earth (RRP £6.99) is a colourful and adorable Christmas novelty board book for little ones.

Five little festive peas cannot wait for Christmas in this yuletide countdown with board pieces and a dazzling finale!

The book is full of festive fun and a lovely Christmas book for little ones. The board book is sturdy and the right size for excited little hands wanting to turn the pages and engage with the fun peep through holes. 

The pictures are vibrant and eye-catching with lots of festive detail and the peas are really cute thanks to their simple yet expressive faces. As well as being a festive, entertaining tale the book is also great for introducing early numbers and counting to little ones. 

With rhyme, bold illustrations, cute peas, fun peep through holes and numbers this book is a fabulous festive children’s book.

Who Said Merry Christmas?

Beautifully illustrated by the talented Yi-Hsuan Wu, Who Said Merry Christmas? (RRP £6.99) is a festive board book.

This touch-and-feel board book will make children laugh as they learn which noise matches which festive character! With a surprise mirror ending.

With colourful and cute illustrations the book is eye-catching. The repetitions and festive characters such as Santa, a beautiful red robin and a happy snowman are enjoyable and engage little ones.

The touch-and-feel elements of the book are fantastic and the flaps to lift make the book even more enjoyable. The board book is sturdy and the perfect size for little hands.

I Love You More Than Christmas

Beautifully written by Ellie Hattie and wonderfully illustrated by Tim Warnes, I Love You More Than Christmas (RRP £11.99) is a hardback book that is a festive celebration of the true meaning of Christmas.

Little Bear LOVES Christmas. So do Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear. It’s so magical. It’s so heartwarming. It’s so wonderful! Could there be anything in the world that they all love more?

This book is a fabulous book to read with the children as you snuggle together for some festive tales in front of the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. A celebration of all things festive such as tree decorating, Christmas baking and carols, the book is a Christmassy delight. 

The book features a happy bear family of little bear, mummy bear and daddy bear. They all embrace the joy of Christmas with little bear’s happiness and excitement shining through as they enjoy the festivities of Christmas. 

I love the style of the illustration and the animal characters are joyous to look at and engage children. It is wonderfully written with puns, rhymes, onomatopeias and a fast pace rhythm to the festive fun. 

Best of all it is a sweet, lovely story that showcases the true meaning of Christmas and reminds us of the importance of love and family.

Can You Find Santa’s Pants?

Written by Becky Davies and illustrated by Alex Willmore, Can you find Santa’s pants? (RRP £6.99) is a rhyming Christmas caper – guaranteed to get you giggling!

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s putting on his snuggly red suit. But hang on... WHERE ARE SANTA’S PANTS? He can’t deliver Christmas with a bare bottom! Search through mounds of mistletoe and piles of presents to find Santa’s underwear and save Christmas! 

The book is a colourful array of lovely pictures. The pages are very busy with lots to see as you enjoy this Christmas caper.

The kids find the story hilarious and filled with lots of rhymes the book is a fun, entertaining read.

Can't See Santa!

Written by Many Archer and illustrated by Chris Jevons, Can’t See Santa! (RRP £8.99) is a lift the flaps novelty book.

It’s Christmas Eve and Mouse is looking for Santa everywhere! With over 40 flaps to lift and a surprise ending, this funny, festive book will keep children entertained for hours. It’s the perfect Christmas gift!

This book is a sweet story of a little mouse looking for Santa. Perfect for reading on Christmas Eve to encourage little ones to sleep as they bubble with excitement about Santa visiting, the story has the message about the importance of going to sleep on Christmas Eve. 

The festive book is beautifully illustrated with lots of lovely details and plenty to see on every page. The book is also bursting with lots of flaps to open with plenty of things to discover. Some of the flaps are a little trickier than others to open and very little hands my struggle to open without damaging the book. 

It is a festive, fun and engaging book perfect for reading as a family so little ones have a helping hand to open the flaps.


  1. I have always loved this type of book as a child and I hope the children after me can too

  2. Aw this is such a sweet collection of Christmas books! I love the idea of gathering beautiful festive books together to use as a type of advent calendar, and these look like lovely choices!

  3. We love Christmas books and have a huge box of them just for reading in December!