Friday 13 November 2020

What colours does velvet fabric come in?

Velvet is now becoming one of the top fabrics to be sold in the market. It can be used for almost anything; from drapes to furniture, you name it. The durability of velvet fabric is one of the main reasons why consumers purchase it. Also, its rich fabric and thick weave is most admired by interior designers or even just for regular homeowners. It is not inevitably a representation of what a household is; private, neat, and isolated. 

Even before, velvet fabrics were used in castles and Victorian houses. Because of its practical benefits, may it be for insulation and added privacy; it is bought by high-class families only who can afford to buy so. But because of the fabric availability nowadays, even simple homeowners can now purchase velvet fabrics at a reasonable price. Consequently, how velvet fabric reflects colours is an initial driving force why it is likely to be produced at an increasing rate. Thus, apart from the durability, fabric hunters are also into velvet fabrics for added aesthetic. 

One of the best fabric shop that offers a series of colours for velvet fabrics is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Their velvet fabrics can come in rich bright and dark colours and can also come in patches and patterns if you opt for a more creative fabric piece. You can choose from there Venice Collection as it offers fabrics for curtains and for upholstery as well. 

When you want a bright and minimalist look for your room, you can avail their lemon, rose, soft pink, and silver colours. They also offer deep colours such as dark green, burgundy, and ocean blue for a romantic or more isolated appearance for your own space. It may not be possible to show all of their collection as it ranges from a few thousand so it's best to visit their online shop at and use their fabric finder for a more convenient velvet fabric finding. When you want the best colours for your fabrics, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop's got it. 

If you're still not satisfied with plain colours only, do not fret. They offer a series of patterns and designs together with your desired colours for a more creative and personalised fabric for your curtains and furniture. If ever you would want a distinct character and design for your fabric, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop caters to special requests at an affordable price so you'll have that piece of fabric that you have always wanted. Additionally, they see to it that what you see is what you get by offering swatches for you to know your fabrics more before your big purchase. How cool is that?

You can always choose the best velvet fabric coulour that sets your room's mood. You can try searching for Yorkshire Fabric Shop's collections online so you'll have that perfect fabric piece that you have always wanted. One of the perks of buying at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is their fabric availability. Some stores have colours that are out of stock, but at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop they always make sure to have readily available fabrics to satisfy their client's wants and needs. What more could you look for?

Have that vibrant and deep colour for your curtains and furniture with the Yorkshire Fabric Shop!

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