Monday 21 June 2021

Encourage kids to get active & play outdoors with these top products


As we embrace sunnier days and get out and about once again, the kids are loving playing outdoors. 

Outdoor play is not only fun for kids but it is vital to physical health, emotional wellbeing, independence, enabling all five senses to run wild, mental health and social interaction. 

To make playtime fun and encourage the kids to get moving here are a few of our favourite outdoor toys perfect for active play in the sun this summer.


Hit the ramps for a sk8 sesh at the local skatepark for a gnarly time!

With skateboarding boasting a huge array of health benefits such as coordination, strengthening muscles and reflexes, as well as improving precision, patience and pain tolerance, it is a great sport to get the kids into. It is also great for emotional and mental well being with it being a wonderful stress relief and a confidence boost when they master a trick. Another benefit of skateboarding is that it supports social interaction, increases a sense of community and prevents youth crime.

Perfect for getting your skate on at the skatepark are these rad complete skateboards from

Ideal for beginners to get into the sport are the iconic Tony Hawks Signature Series range of skateboards (RRP £37.95 - £54.95) which includes the 180 series and 360 series. Teaming with influence and input from the main man himself, Tony Hawk, ride like the original man himself. The decks are adorned with vibrant and eye-catching graphics. Available in a range of sizes including mini 7.25”, 7.5”, 7.75” and 8” the skateboards are ideal for a range of skaters.

The Birdhouse Chicken Stage 1 Complete Mini Skateboard (RRP £69.95) is perfect from new skaters, however having been developed by Birdhouse, it has some of the best features on the market. The board features softer wheels than the pro's use for a more forgiving ride. With the deck at only 7.375" wide and 29" length, it is perfect for the smaller skaters wanting to shred the street and park but without it being too clunky and big for them! Showcasing a cute yet cool chicken the bright red deck is sure to stand out at the skatepark.

Designed for the skater developing their skills and looking to get better, the Rocket Prism Foil Silver Complete Skateboard (RRP £54.95) - 31.5" x 7.75" has some eye-catching looks with it's unique deck finish, combined with pro rider specifications including 7 ply hardrock maple for great pop. 

Xplora XGO2 smartwatch

Get kids moving with the Xplora XGO2 smartwatch (RRP £99.99).

As Xplora believes that children should stay active, investigate, and explore the world, they created the world’s first activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment for kids. The Xplora activity platform will encourage children to spend more time taking part in physical activities offline, in exchange for virtual rewards that can be redeemed online via a gaming platform. Stay active: Get rewarded!

The feature rich, yet affordable, smartwatch with mobile phone and GPS tracking uses built-in G Sensors to accurately tracks kids' steps—which earn them Xplora Coins that can be used in our groundbreaking Goplay platform to play games, have a chance at winning awesome prizes and purchase a wide variety of items in the GoPlay shop.

The watch also features calls, voice messages and messages, a front facing camera, alarms, SOS button, calculator and a torch.

Stomp Rocket® Ultra 

Get kids moving as they launch and run after rockets! 100% kid powered, Stomp Rocket Ultra (RRP £15.99) gets kids to run, jump and STOMP to launch rockets up to 200 feet in the air!

The award winning Stomp Rocket for ages 6 and up is perfect for fun solo play or group play as 2-3 kids take it in turns to blast rockets into the sky. Not only is it lots of fun and get kids moving, Stomp Rockets also support STEM learning as it introduces kids to important concepts such as gravity, trajectory, force and the power of air.

The Stomp Rocket Ultra set includes a Stomp Launcher, Sturdy Adjustable Launcher Stand, Launch Pad with Air Hose and 4 foam-tipped Ultra Stomp Rockets.

With no batteries required, fast assembly and super easy play; the Stomp Rocket is ideal for taking on days out to the park so kids can have a blast!

Extreme Waboba ball

Kids can get moving and have a splash with the Extreme Waboba Ball (RRP £7.00).

Part of The Wild Series, the Extreme brings fun for the adventurous and those who love water play. Available in three distinctive and colourful designs - 90s Cave Art, Chevron and Purple Grunge - the Waboba Extreme bounces on water!

With its high performance, firm signature gel core, the Extreme bounces fast, far, and high. Throw or skim, it's easy to catch even when wet, plus as the Extreme can float as well as bounce on water it is easy to retrieve during play. Durable and water-proof, the palm sized ball boasts a patented 3 layer design with a lycra fabric outer and gel core.

Fitting in a pocket, the ball is small yet powerful, being able to bounce long distances at speed on water. Best for open water play and perfect for the pool or a trip to the beach, lake or river; the Waboba Extreme gets kids moving and having a blast in the water as they throw a ball in the water and challenge each other to see who can throw the farthest!

Active Snap

Active Snap (RRP £4.99) from TOMY Games is a fun, fast twist on the classic game of snap to get kids aged 4+ moving. Perfect for active fun in the home on rainy days as well as active play outdoors.

Take one of the simplest and best-loved card games, give it a twist, and you might just have the best stocking filler gift of all time! With the same underlying rules as traditional snap, Active Snap has a twist – aimed to encourage players up on their feet and get active!

Participants take it in turns to flip over a card and when the same one appears twice, the quickest player to shout ‘snap!’ wins. But here is the best bit – all of those too slow, must complete the activity outlined on the cards whether its 20 sit-ups or a round of shadow boxing.

Laughs and giggles are guaranteed as players stretch, jump, dance and wiggle. Perfect for family fun, it won’t just provide the family with hours of entertainment with guaranteed laughs and fun - you can also get fit along the way.

X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker Blaster

Prepare for some epic prehistoric blasting action with the X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker Blaster (RRP £9.99) from ZURU.

Annihilate Dino Eggs with extreme accuracy from up to 90ft / 27m away. With this blaster combination no invader stands a chance. Get kids moving as they battle it out with these brilliant blasters!

This epic gun has a 6 dart auto-rotating barrel plus storage for 6 more on top. So that kids can be locked and loaded ready for battling dinos the blaster comes with 16 darts. Providing maximum performance the blaster is quick and accurate so that you can have extreme shots when under attack from fearsome dinosaurs and fire darts up to 90ft! 

This set comes with 3 dino eggs too, which kids can try and destroy before the mighty dinosaurs hatch. Thanks to this dino-tastic blaster those invading dinosaurs don't stand a chance!

Stunt Scooter

Kids can showcase steezy tricks on stunt scooters with these Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Signature Replica Stunt Scooters (RRP £99.95 - £119.95) and boost their physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing as they scoot.

Based on the Ryan Williams Signature scooter his replica complete scooter has just rolled into town suited for all those smaller and younger riders. The bright colours, sleek design and smaller bars and deck makes this an ideal first complete scooter for all you beginner and advancing scooter riders out there. Perfect for any up and coming rider wanting to get into stunt scootering, the RW Signature Replica stunt scooter is available in junior (75cm height) and standard (80cm height) sizes.

Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits and having fun in the process. It’s this camaraderie and risk-taking spirit that defines everything they do. They continuously break boundaries in the name of innovation and adventure. 

The Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Signature Replica Stunt Scooter is available in stunning gold or sleek black.

Safe fun

As kids embrace playing outdoors it is important to remember to keep them safe. 

Not only does the Xplora XGO2 encourage kids to get active and clock steps, but the GPS tracking, ability to make and receive calls, and SOS button encourages independent adventure.

It is vital to remember to keep kids protected in the sun by using suncare products and keeping the kids out of the sun during the hottest times of the day.

For water sports a wetsuit or UV sunsuit is a great idea and when skateboarding or scooting protection including a skate helmet and safety pads is a must.

* This post includes gifted items and previously gifted items *


  1. Some great ideas here, I am a firm believer that kids need to get outside and play and get fresh air. My kids were never in when they are younger

  2. These are such fun, active ideas - especially for gifts. And yes, get those kids outside!

  3. The xshot dino attack blaster would be great fun. My son would love to play with that. It would certainly encourage him to get outside.

  4. Great ideas to get the kids active and with being indoors for what seems forever and feeling so restricted, these are amazing to get them engaged and wanting to be outside. I'd even want a scooter for myself lol x

  5. I used to love being outside when I was kid and Skate do all the sorts of things I would love to do - I was forever skating up and down the road with friends!

  6. Some fab products here! My kids absolutely adore their Stomp Rocket, it is so much fun!