Tuesday 8 June 2021

Home heating during the summer


As the sun shines and the warmth of summer warms our homes our home heating needs change. Central heating and all round the clock heating of winter months are no longer needed. Instead we look at ways to cool down the home and only reach for the thermostat to take the chill off of breezy summer nights when the weather has lived up to stereotypical rainy, cold UK summer days. 

With home heating needs during summer being different to winter, here we look at ways to cool down the home, how to give your home heating from summer maintenance and when heaters are useful even in the summer.

Boiler and heating system TLC

If your boiler or heating system is old or is in need of maintenance, the summer is a great time to get a 12 month service done, complete maintenance on them or replace. As boilers and heating systems are vital during winter months it is very inconvenient to have them break down then or even have them turned off for a plumber to do necessary checks or repairs. So, getting checks, repairs and replacements done in the summer is a fantastic way to keep your boiler and heating system in tip top condition so they work when you need them most. Plus, by getting them checked in the summer months you will avoid the high demand for plumbers who are dealing with boiler breakdowns. 

Essential radiator maintenance

Whilst you need a professional to service and replace your boiler, there are a number of essential radiator maintenance tasks that you can complete yourself to keep your home heating working at its best.

Bleeding your radiators is one of the easiest and most important jobs you can do in regards to your central heating system. With radiators being used less during the summer months you won’t have to worry about them cooling down before you can bleed them, making the summer a good time to complete this radiator maintenance. Bleeding a radiator simply means letting the air out that may have got trapped at the top of the radiator over time which will help ensure that your radiators get a hot, even heat when you need it most. 

Other ways to maintain your radiators during the summer months is to top up your chemical inhibitors and adjust your thermostatic radiator valves. It is also vital to turn on your heating every few weeks for a brief period of time to keep all the components in your heating system working well so they are ready to work when the colder months draw in. 

Invest in a heated towel rail

Whilst summer days can be unbearably hot during the daytime and leave your house feeling hot and muggy upstairs even during the nights, when having a bath or shower before the heat of the day has set in or late at night after a long summer day the bathroom can be a little chilly. To warm up the bathroom and benefit from cosy, warm towels a heated towel rail can be a wise investment. Perfect for summer months, as well as drying and heating towels they are fantastic to dry swimwear from trips to the beach.

Heated towel rails are an effective heating option especially as they are available as a wet system that works with the rest of your central heating, electric system or dual fuel so you get the best of both worlds. They also come in a range of sizes and styles such as these ones from trade radiators to suit your heating needs and space.

As well as giving you lovely toasty towels, the main benefit of a heated towel rail is to keep your towels dry which helps keep your bathroom hygienic as dry towels minimise the chance of a damp breeding ground where germs and mould can infest. They are also useful for limited space as you could have a heated towel rail in place of a radiator. 

It’s getting hot in here…...cool down time

With the days being sunny and hot during the summer months which makes the house heat up, we all look at ways to cool down the house. 

When the sun is shining bright, our natural instinct is to throw open the curtains to let the sunlight shine through. However, this just turns our home into a greenhouse. Instead, keep your blinds or curtains closed throughout the day which helps keep the heat out.

Ditch thick, flannelette sheets and silk or satin bed sheets for light coloured cotton sheets. Sheets can also be used to bring the room's temperature down by hanging a wet sheet in front of the window. 

Electrical devices when turned on or charging radiate heat so to limit adding to the hot weather, turn off the tech.

Do you use the summer months to do must have home heating maintenance?

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  1. Our heating is pretty much off all summer time, but we do have a smart thermostat so on any days when it is cooler the heating kicks in x