Wednesday 28 July 2021

Supporting Your Child Through The Exam Period

The school exam period can cause a lot of stress for children. Not only must they put a lot of time and effort into revision, but they also have an anxious wait to find out their exam results. 

If you would like to know how best to support your child through their exams, here is some great advice from an independent college in Bath

Practice at home

A great way to help prepare your child for their exams is by practicing at home. Giving them an idea of what to expect will help to boost their confidence before the big day. Ask your child questions that could come up in their exams, or use these questions to make a written practice test. After your practice test, make a note of any questions that your child found difficult. You can use these to focus on when they are next revising.

Give them a space to study

It is important to give your child a space to study at home. A spare bedroom is an ideal solution, but even the kitchen table is fine for doing revision as long as it is free from distractions. When it comes to study time be sure to set some rules. For example, there should be no screen time allowed until they have finished. Having a mobile phone or iPad close by can be a huge distraction.

Make revision fun

To help make your child’s revision feel less boring and more fun, you could plan an educational day out together. This could include a trip to a museum, art gallery or a historic landmark. Learning outside of school offers a number of educational benefits and helps to make learning a lot more interesting.

Show your support

Finally, it is important to remember that putting too much pressure on your child to achieve certain results can have a negative effect on their academic performance and cause stress. Let your child know that no matter what exam results they get, trying their best is all that matters.

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