Wednesday 28 July 2021

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

Every parent knows how much children love to be outside. Playing outdoors is not only fun, but it also provides plenty of new and exciting learning opportunities for children. To help you discover more of the benefits associated with outdoor learning, I have collaborated with an independent preparatory school in Banstead to share these interesting facts…

Develops personal skills

Outdoor learning helps children to develop many important personal skills. For example, building a den requires teamwork and navigating a map tests a child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. These valuable skills will benefit your child throughout their education and into adulthood.

Promotes an active lifestyle

Spending time outdoors promotes an active lifestyle. This is incredibly beneficial to your child’s mental health and wellbeing. Perhaps as a family you could go on more walks together, or you could walk to school instead of driving? You may even discover new places in your neighbourhood.

Offers new challenges

Outdoor experiences present many different challenges to children. These challenges are ideal for developing problem-solving skills because children are able to identify hazards and evaluate risks. These decision making opportunities will also allow your child to learn from mistakes and build their independence.

Encourages respect for our planet

Outdoor learning encourages children to engage with nature. They will also learn about ecological issues, such as deforestation and pollution. This will help children to appreciate and respect the world around them, which will hopefully result in a better future for our planet.

Builds a love of learning

Finally, outdoor learning teaches children that learning can happen anywhere; not just in a classroom. This helps children to develop a love of learning from a very early age. If you really want your children to discover the benefits of the great outdoors, be sure to explore together as a family as much as possible.

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