Thursday 19 August 2021

5 Uses for a Static Caravan

Static caravans have many uses. Most commonly, of course, is owning one as a holiday home in a caravan park. 

There are plenty of other uses for a static caravan though, here are a few to get you started. 

To live in while you’re doing up your house

As anyone who’s ever had work done on their home can tell you, it’s no fun living with builders in your house all day every day for weeks or months on end. 

Even if your builders are, for the most part, fun to have around, not only can it feel like you’re living in a building site, you may even feel uncomfortable in your own home, as if you’re in the way and shouldn’t be there.

Sometimes, the best solution to this is to actually not be there. So, if you’re building your own house or having major work done to your current home, a static caravan can be a godsend.

Living in a static caravan on your property temporarily while the builders are in is cheaper than renting accommodation for you and your family and you’ll also be on-site to keep an eye on things and available should you be needed. 

Some static caravan companies, such as Sunrise Holiday Homes, have a buy-back scheme, so you’re not stuck with a caravan in your garden after the work’s been completed, the builders have left and you and your family have all moved back into your home. 

A funky Airbnb

Instead of having a static caravan on a holiday park to use as a holiday home either for yourself or to rent out to others, why not have one in your garden to use as an Airbnb

You can decorate and furnish it quirkily - a retro 70s theme, for example - to offer holidaymakers a unique experience. 

A room of one’s own

Virginia Woolf famously said, ‘A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.’ 

We’re sure a static caravan counts as a room of your own, so if you’ve been using the excuse of nowhere to write as the reason for not writing that novel yet, get yourself a static caravan to use as your very own writing room. 

Of course, not everyone’s got the space in their garden for a writing room that big, but there’s nothing to stop you using a static caravan in a holiday park as a writing retreat. 

If you do go down the caravan in a holiday park route, given you’ve made the effort to travel to get there, that might just be the extra push you needed to get that first draft done. 

Crafty caravanning

Along the same lines of a writing room, a static caravan makes a fabulous craft room. It doesn’t matter what your creative passion is - sewing, painting or knitting - your caravan can be fully equipped with heating, electricity and running water and everything else your hobby requires (shelves, mostly!) 

A party room 

Having a party in your caravan is cheaper than going out. It also keeps the noise outside to save you disturbing the rest of the household when you have your friends round. 

Deck out your caravan in fairy lights, stick up a disco ball and fill up the fridge with drinks and snacks. 

Invite your friends round for a fun night in with the added bonus that if any of them drink too much, they can crash out in the caravan for the night! 

These are just a few ideas for uses for a static caravan. We’re sure you can come up with many more. What would you use your caravan for? 

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