Thursday 7 October 2021

The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

Where it can feel like a lost cause getting your kids ready in the morning, there are a heap of benefits for children wearing a school uniform each day. It’s still regularly debated in the media about the practicalness of school uniforms, but there are still key benefits to wearing a uniform. In this guide, with the help from this independent school in Yorkshire, we’ll be looking at the benefits of school uniforms and why they’re still required for the vast majority of schools.

Brings a sense of community

There are both practical and positive reasons to have a school uniform. Firstly, it’s much easier to locate students if they’re all wearing the same uniform, especially during fire drills or when on school trips. On a larger scale, schools are able to promote a huge sense of community and pride when all students are seen as equals and to remind students of where they’re from. 

Promotes good behaviour

When wearing your own clothes it can feel overwhelming to choose what to wear without judgement from young students. A school uniform separates a child from their home life and brings them to their school life where they can leave judgements at the door. It also reduces the pressure from other students to feel like they need to “fit in” to the latest fashion trends and social standards, therefore reducing bullying.

Easy for parents

Parents don’t have to stress about what their child’s going to wear each week with a uniform as their outfit choice has already been decided. It makes morning routines much easier for parents and children if all they have to do is put their uniform on each morning. It’s also much cheaper for parents if they’re using 2 sets of uniform each week instead of having to wash 5 sets of clothes. You often find that a school uniform can last longer than an entire school year, especially P.E. kits and backpacks, therefore being a sustainable option.

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