Saturday 27 November 2021

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

If you are looking for a gift for a caffeine-fuelled celebration this Christmas and one to delight a coffee lover, take a look below at a few gift ideas perfect for coffee lovers. 

If words cannot espresso how much someone beans to you, show them a whole latte love and mocha them very happy with one of these perfect blends of coffee related gifts.

Beans, beans and yet more beans

Keep coffee lovers in supply of coffee to tickle their taste buds and satisfy their desire for a cup of coffee by gifting them a hamper of coffee beans or ground coffee.

A varied selection of different coffee of varying strengths and origins is a good idea for a lovely gift. You can buy a pre-made hamper of coffee or you could create your own hamper of coffee by buying a selection of different coffee packs. As well as including coffee, hampers could also include a lovely selection of accessories such as those mentioned above.

Coffee subscription

Inject a regular dose of caffeine with a coffee subscription gift. 

A gift that will be enjoyed long after the Christmas decorations are taken down, a coffee subscription gift is ideal for coffee lovers. Give the gift of coffee joy as they open the door to find a bag of freshly roasted coffee waiting for them.

The beauty of a coffee subscription gift is that you are gifting coffee selected by experts and are possibly introducing both coffee experts and novices to new coffee blends including exotic coffee blends so they can enjoy tasting different coffees.

Brewing equipment

Give a brew-ti-ful gift to a coffee lover this Christmas with a brewing set. Help that someone special in your life get their brew on by gift them some brewing equipment so that they enjoy a steamy cup of delicious coffee from their own home.

There is an expansive range of brewing equipment available on the market that allows people to become a home barista. Equipment include high-end espresso makers, vacuum coffee makers, manual espresso makers, mini espresso travel maker, french press, aero press, coffee syphon, and cold brew coffee makers. 

Coffee accessories

If the gift recipient has already got a great beans and brew setup, consider giving a coffee-related accessory that will complement their love of coffee.

A few steaming hot coffee accessories include home coffee roasters, coffee grinders, coffee scoops, cup holders, personalised coffee pod rack or coffee bean storage, coffee stencils, milk frother, coffee cups/mugs set, personalised spoon, coffee mug warmer, reusable travel mug, coffee syrups, plus many more!

Coffee infused food and drink

Tantalise coffee lovers' taste buds with coffee-infused food and drink treats.

Gift them coffee-tastic treats such as coffee liqueur, coffee flavoured cake, and coffee chocolates. A gift hamper of delicious treats that compliment coffee such as pastries, after-dinner mints and mint macaroons, chocolate truffles, almond biscotti biscuits, almond stuffed dates, and hazelnut with salted caramel tarts, is also ideal as a gift for coffee lovers.

Give a love shot of coffee heaven to coffee lovers this Christmas with any of these fa-brew-lous coffee gifts.

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