Wednesday 1 December 2021

Gifts for young readers


Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic

This latest volume in the New York Times bestselling book series Rebel Girls is dedicated to acknowledging, amplifying and applauding the achievements and incredible stories of 100 inspiring black women and girls from around the world past and present - ranging from the known to the little-known.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic (RRP £25) is edited by award-winning journalist Lilly Workneh and features a foreword by #BlackGirlMagic originator CaShawn Thompson. 

This wonderful hardback book is curated and illustrated by black women and non-binary artists from cover to cover, featuring the work of over 60 Black female and non-binary authors, illustrators and editors.

Amongst the women featured from over 30 countries are tennis player Naomi Osaka, astronaut Jeanette Epps, author Toni Morrison, filmmaker Ava DuVernay; aviator Bessie Coleman, Empress Taytu Betul, journalist Ida B. Wells, and many other inspiring leaders, champions, innovators and creators.  

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic is the fourth volume of the New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series which originally launched in 2016.

Rebel Girls is a global empowerment brand dedicated to raising the most inspired and confident generation of girls through content, experiences, products, and community. They believe in empowering girls to dream big, that amplifying stories of real-life, extraordinary women can pave the way for a more equal world, and that when she sees it, she can be it.

Celebrate Black Girl Magic around the world with this gorgeous book. To see more inspirational Rebel Girls stories and a wonderful range of empowering gifts take a look at the Rebel Girls website.

The Little Squirrel Who Worried

Written by Katie O’Donoghue, The Little Squirrel Who Worried is a beautifully illustrated picture book about overcoming anxiety for young children to share with a parent, teacher or mental health professional.

Little Squirrel hasn't left his nest since last autumn. He needs to gather nuts for the long winter to come but he's too worried to leave his cosy nest.

Luckily, Little Squirrel has lots of friends in the forest, from Wren to Snuffly Hedgehog, Grey Rabbit to Mister Fox, Old Badger to Great Stag. Will their encouragement and words of advice be enough to help Little Squirrel to venture out?


It is a sweet, charming and gentle story about conquering worries that any child will love, being particularly beneficial to those who are in need of a little bit of reassurance. Beautifully illustrated and written, The Little Squirrel Who Worried is a gorgeous gift for children who love to be read to and who love animals.

Author Katie O’Donoghue, who is a child and young person’s therapist with a masters degree in Art Psychotherapy, wrote and illustrated The Little Squirrel Who Worried while working for the Children’s Emotional Wellbeing Mental Health Service NHS last year during Covid 19. The book was created specifically to address cases of anxiety that she was seeing among young people every day.


The Little Squirrel Who Worried, published by Gill Books is available now in hardback (RRP £11.99).


Most humans have forgotten their sparkle… hypnotized by the darkness that obscures it.


Wish, the first book in an exciting new fantasy adventure series The Otherworld by Psychotherapist Victoria Harris, uses the therapeutic power of storytelling to teach mental health strategies to young people.

Twelve-year-old Cara O'Reilly always thought her father was teasing when he said she and her sister had fairy magic. But it's been nearly a week since he went on a mountain hike and vanished - right after an argument with Cara. She wished him gone, and now he is.

Cara's little sister Bri hasn't spoken a word since his disappearance. In fact, Cara feels like her whole family is under a curse. And it seems like all the adults in their family are keeping some sort of secret. Her world further tumbles into chaos when, after a close encounter with a living, breathing fairy, Cara realizes the old stories are all true. Now, she must find the door to the Otherworld to retrieve an ancient treasure. But can she battle the darkness to save her family-and the entire world?

Embark on a fantastical adventure into the ancient folklore, mythology, and rugged landscape of the West of Ireland in The Otherworld Series. Brave and curious Cara brings middle-grade readers along on a quest into the magical Otherworld, where she battles a darkness that threatens her inner and outer world.


This engrossing and enchanting middle-grade adventure includes useful techniques for overcoming difficulties, subtly woven into the narrative to make the most of the power of a great story.


It is an inspirational book for home or school and a wonderful gift for any young person who loves an adventure!


Author Dr Victoria Harris is a psychotherapist who works with children, adolescents, and adults and is passionate about early intervention and using creativity as a tool for healing. Dr Harris is currently writing book 2 in The Otherworld series as well as a picture book for 5-7yr olds which incorporates emotional regulation tools. 


Wish is published by Ogham Publishing available now in paperback at £6.99 and ebook £3.63.

Mermaid Rock: The Secret Wreck

Welcome to Mermaids Rock! The entrance to the mermaid realm in the deep, blue ocean… 

On a trip to the Red Sea, Kai and his friends explore an impressive shipwreck. Kai is intrigued by the human artefacts they find there but Coralie is worried about being discovered. Her fears become reality when a group of divers arrive. Will the friends be able to get back to Mermaids Rock without getting caught? 

Written by Linda Chapman and beautifully illustrated by Mirelle Ortega, Mermaid Rock: The Secret Wreck (RRP £5.99) is the sixth book in an exciting series about the wonders of the oceans.

I Can Learn: 100 First Words

In this colourful I Can Learn: 100 First Words (RRP £4.99) board book author Lauren Crisp introduces little ones to first words. 

Filled with vibrant illustrations by illustrator Thomas Elliott and many essential first words, this compact board book is the perfect launch pad for little ones’ language skills.

Noisy Digger

Noisy Digger (RRP £10.99) is a fun and noisy book by author Lauren Crisp  and illustrator Thomas Elliott.

Children will love pressing Digger's five squishy buttons to hear entertaining and realistic sounds, from a revving engine to a beeping beacon, in this new sound title in the I Can Learn Series from Little Tiger Press. Perfect for little ones developing their listening, motor and hand-eye coordination skills, it is a fun book to give to little ones this Christmas. 

Race to the Rescue

Sounds! Lights! Action! Race to the Rescue (RRP £10.99) by Georgiana Deutsch and illustrated by Olivier Latyk is a colourful, fun and noisy board book for little ones.

Every young fan of whizzy wheels will love bringing emergency vehicles to life – from shiny fire engines to speedy helicopters. Push the buttons in this noisy light-up book to turn on the flashing lights and listen to emergency teams BEEP, WHIZZ and WHIRR their way to the rescue! 

Very Noisy Baby Animals

“Welcome to my park,” says Mouse, “where little pets can play.” But these baby animals have other plans today.

Very Noisy Baby Animals (RRP £10.99) by Becky Davies and illustrated by Gareth Lucas is a cute and colourful board book.

Young children will love pressing the squishy silicone baby animals to hear them peep, squeak and cheep! The funny rhyming story and bold artwork are sure to appeal to little ones and grown-ups alike.

Goodnight Toucan

Goodnight Toucan (RRP £11.99) is a vibrant hardback book by Joanne Partis.

It’s party time! Toucan’s having a sleepover for all of his friends, and they’re really excited. Maybe even a little too excited. What can Toucan bring to his sleepover to make it feel special?

Two Bears

Two Bears (RRP £7.99) is a gorgeous paperback book by author Patricia Hegarty. With stunning illustrations by Rotem Teplow, it showcases an epic journey of home.

Discover what happens when two bears who are worlds apart embark on the journeys of a lifetime and find that sometimes differences are only skin-deep. Beautifully illustrated by Rotem Teplow, this is a heartwarming picture book to treasure.


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