Wednesday 5 January 2022

Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

Gratitude is a key way of building a child’s understanding of the world, learning how to express empthy and guide them through being honest and humble to what life gives them. Being grateful for what they receive is part of how children can build a sense of honour and pride in their work and what they believe in, which is why it’s important to raise a grateful child as they grow. Here are some ways you can explore that from this independent school in Wales.

Let your child know how to be thankful

The idea is to not let your child feel spoiled for what they receive, in the way of demanding more from others that they cannot uphold. As parents we have to exercise restraint in a number of ways - we can’t afford everything on earth as much as children have no direct concept of our spending. So show them early on about how to appreciate what they already have, they’ll be able to develop a love for what they own and how to make those experiences last longer.

Show your child how to solve problems

Having an effective problem solver in the house helps build that level of understanding when it comes to having a grateful and respectful child. They can interpret situations in different ways if they’re able to work through a problem and work on a solution for each and manage their issues internally. This is best worked on over time, to help children understand the benefits of handling problems in their own ways.

Give your child a sense of perspective

Broadening a child’s horizons is a sure fire way of letting children grow and understand the importance of gratitude. It’s a part of what makes a child aware of their own surroundings, gives them a greater understanding of their impact on the world and what they can do to improve themselves.

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