Thursday 6 January 2022

How Do Chores Support My Child's Overall Development?

We all loathe the question, but picking up chores is one of the ways children are able to build on their skills, develop a sense of work ethic and bring a sense of independence into a child’s life. Chores are probably more beneficial than we all think to a child’s development, which is why one of these Kensington schools has put together some reasons why chores help all of us.

Teaches children about responsibility

Being responsible about the task you have ahead will make you feel motivated and more focused to do a good job. For children, we should aim to train them about how to tackle the task in front of them, much like guiding through solving a problem. For the first time give them a hand with the chore they’ve been given and then they can see the result after they’ve completed it. This process makes them feel rewarded by what they’ve done.

Children are being made aware of common tasks

Adults pick up the chores for the most part, so alleviating the pressure from them is showing a child how much work their parents do all day without them even noticing! It allows children to take part in the weekly cleaning, vacuuming and mopping around the house and benefit both their experience and lifting the stress off parents.

Children are given a slice of independence

A child that feels confident, motivated and dependable is one that is allowed a sense of independence and practice in skills that they use in school already. You’re entrusting your child and confident that they will do a good job in what they’ve been told to do - it may be a bit rushed or rusty at first, but that’s what continuous practice is for. Independent children are more willing to pick up more tasks around the home if they know it’s going to benefit their parents and offer support around the house.

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