Friday 1 April 2022

The Importance of Drama Lessons in Schools

Drama is a skill that children will often explore when they’re taking part in effective role play, creative play and handling their toys. Lessons taught in schools are an extension of that, in which children will be able to explore a lot of different elements to drama, acting and production. In this guide from a theatre school in North London, we look at why drama lessons are important for children in schools.

Drama lessons support speaking and listening skills

Children that take part in drama lessons are able to look into what makes them become effective listeners and work on their general communication skills. Drama heavily relies on speaking to others, solving problems on the spot, and also a big part of what acting is all about. Children are motivated to express their own points of view at times as well, which is where your child will be able to truly work on their speaking and listening skills.

Drama lessons help a child think creatively

A part of what gets children involved in creative thinking is what all of the subject matters within drama aims to cover. There are a lot of issues that can be covered in drama lessons, and children can learn to develop their feelings and emotions in a safe and controlled environment. Many cultural and personal moments in history are reflected upon in theatre productions, films and TV, that your child can use to broaden their horizons.

Drama lessons teach children about responsibility

A part of learning about drama is being accountable for specific tasks, like nailing an engaging role and how they will work towards that. Children will often be split into teams, which means they’ll be responsible for a certain task in order to effectively work together. Children can also learn about making their own decisions and letting the learning experience guide them, which will help their skills in independence and reliability.

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