Saturday 2 April 2022

5 Screen Free Activities for Children

Children should often incorporate screen free activities into their daily routine so that they don’t become dependent on using phones, the TV or video games every day. Here are 5 activities you could try with your child that this nursery in Chesham recommends.

Water play

An easy activity to facilitate is water play. You can arrange this in a number of ways: blow up an inflatable pool in your garden, head to the swimming pool near you, head to the beach or grab some water guns when it’s really hot outside. However you approach water play, you’ll be able to have plenty of fun in seeing your child understand gravity, the weight of water and its consistency.

A sports day in your garden

From egg and spoon races to wheelbarrow races - you can have plenty of fun with your child right on your doorstep! Get everyone involved in a sports day at home with the family, or with friends, to see what you can do from the comfort of home.

Arts and crafts

Have something like arts and crafts as a backup activity for when you’re noticing your child is looking bored or spending way too much time in front of the screen. Your child can spend a lot of time exploring the many strands of art and how it can help with their stress, mindfulness and creativity.

Polymer clay

Something that’s really accessible for kids, and also doesn’t make as much mess as you’d think, is polymer clay. You can make jewellery, shapes, animals, houses and just about anything your child is curious to build. Let them try it and see what they come up with!


Gardening can really test a child’s fine motor skills while they learn how to plant seeds, dig the soil and what their little creations grow. It’s a great learning experience for children that lets them explore the outdoors.

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