Saturday 2 April 2022

What Costs to Expect When Your Child Starts School

While school is a very exciting time for all kids, parents have to get a number of things ready in time for a child’s first few weeks at school. There’s a number of costs to factor in when your child begins school that you’ll need to remember to budget for. Here are some costs you can expect that this independent school in Birmingham shares with us.

Stationery & books

Workbooks are usually assigned to children on their first day in the classroom, and facilitate any extra copies they need if a child works their way through the book in the school year. Other bits and bobs, like stationery and reading materials to help them with their studies will need to be factored into your overall school costs.


Your child may need to catch a bus to get to school, or need a lift off you, which both cost money each day. Unless you’re in a lucky position to be able to walk down to the school then it’s important to remember how much you’ll be spending in fuel or bus/train fare. It may only be a few pounds here and there, but it can easily add up.

School dinners

If your child hasn’t got a prepared lunch for each day in the week then you’ll need to give your child some change to head to the cafeteria at school. School dinners vary in cost and size, but if your child is eating in the cafeteria regularly then it’s also something worth considering in terms of general school costs.

School uniform and gym kit

The majority of schools will ask for parents to provide a uniform for their child, which can be purchased at the school or at leading uniform stores. There’s also the gym kit or P.E. kit to consider as well, which can set you back a bit of money. There is often the option to buy second hand uniforms and kits at schools. 

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