Thursday 30 June 2022

4 Reasons to Go to Canada This Summer

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Finding the perfect summer holiday destination is not an easy thing to do. There are so many places around the world that are worth visiting that it becomes difficult to choose only one to go to. 

We are here to help you narrow down your options by letting you know four awesome reasons why Canada is an absolutely cool place to visit this summer. 

Reason 1: The second largest country in the world

Travelling equals visiting new places and learning as much information about them as possible. The bigger a country is, the more opportunities you have to explore around. Especially if you are interested in seeing a variety of landscapes, like both urban and natural environments, a large country is perfect for this. Canada is the second largest country by area (Russia is the first). This entails that you will find everything your heart desires there. Beaches or mountains, big city centres or picturesque villages are everywhere. The only potential problem is that you have to cover huge distances in order to get from one destination to another. If you have a vehicle, this won’t even be an issue. You can find one with Enjoy Travel. Not only will you be able to see all the available cars in Canada but also it will be extremely easy to book the one you like. 

Reason 2: Fun outdoor activities

The extreme cold weather in winter makes people spend the majority of the season indoors. So, when the temperatures rise, they are more than happy to go outside and enjoy the sun. What do they do? Everything you can imagine! Hiking, biking, outdoor yoga sessions, playing sports -or even better water sports- having a picnic in parks are just a few of the possible activities with which they fill their summer days. 

Reason 3: Explore nature

Another benefit of the warm weather in Canada is that you can climb mountains and visit other fascinating natural landscapes without being afraid of catching pneumonia or getting frostbite. One of the most common excursions in summer is visiting the Canadian Rockies. What are the Canadian Rockies? They are impressive mountain ranges that cover a huge area, from British Columbia to Alberta. Besides the high mountains, you will find rivers, such as Fraser and Columbia, and many parks there.

The whole of Canada offers numerous opportunities to explore nature. You can find areas where you can go camping or fishing. Not to mention that there is the option of whale watching!

Reason 4: Summer festivals

Canada is also famous for its splendid festivals in summer. Concerts and other outdoor events are planned all around the enormous country. A short selection of our favourite festivals is listed below. There are many more festivals that are worth your time than the ones you will see below, so do your research!

  • Toronto’s Festival of Beer

  • Honda Celebration of Light

  • Halifax International Busker Festival

  • Montreal International Jazz Festival

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