Friday 1 July 2022

Winter Holiday Destinations — 4 Places to Travel to this Winter

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Winter is coming. Leaves falling from the trees, drinking hot chocolate in a cosy room — preferably in front of a fireplace — and even a few snowflakes falling like diamonds from the sky. 

Winter is a great season to travel; places all around the world prepare for the holiday season as Christmas is right around the corner. 

But where should you go? The world is filled with beautiful cities and picturesque villages. Below you will find 4 cities around the globe that will make you fall in love with them from day 1. 

Destination 1: New York City, the US

One of the most typical but favourite winter destinations is New York City. This American city has managed to become a fantasy for even people who travel rarely. The iconic sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the museums prove that it is a city with rich history. However, the culture and the whole atmosphere of the city make it stand out from all the other urban centres in the whole world. The freedom to express yourself and the philosophy that everything is possible there make people want to visit or even move there permanently

Destination 2: Chamonix, France

When we think of France, summery images usually come to mind, like picnics in parks or wandering around modern neighbourhoods with neoclassical buildings while eating a fresh and flaky croissant. It goes without saying that you can do all those things in winter as well. However, France is famous for its ski resorts. The fact that it is one of the European countries that the Alps stretch to contributes to its fame. All of its ski resorts are excellent. One of the top resorts is the Chamonix. You should book your holidays with Erna Low there as soon as possible because its snow-sure pistes and its brilliant après-ski activities make it the number one choice for many winter lovers. 

Destination 3: Sydney, Australia 

In case you are a fervent summer lover, Australia is the best place to travel to in winter. Since it is located in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed and it is summer in Australia when in the western hemisphere it is winter. Sydney is the best place to travel to as it offers everything that your heart may desire. It is a cosmopolitan city with numerous impressive sights to see — the Sydney Opera House is definitely the most iconic one. You should not forget to pack your swimsuit as there are many beautiful beaches and some of them are surfers’ paradise. 

Destination 4: Rovaniemi, Finland

The most iconic winter destination has to be Rovaniemi since Santa Claus’s office is there and people can visit him every day of every year. Christmas is the best time to pay him a visit since he is one of the protagonists of this special holiday. Besides meeting Santa, the Santa Claus Village offers many fun activities, like snowboarding and husky rides. Since you have made it to the North Pole, don’t forget to watch the Northern Lights. 

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