Sunday 19 June 2022

Moving house when you have a chronic illness or disability


Moving house can be a hectic, stressful and exhausting experience. It can be difficult for anyone at the best of times, but for those moving house who suffer from a chronic illness or disability it can be even more challenging. 

Suffering from a chronic illness or disability means that even everyday, mundane tasks can be extremely challenging or even impossible. Add moving house to the mix of battling daily life with a chronic illness or disability and the fatigue, pain and other symptoms of the chronic illness or disability can be exacerbated. 

If you suffer from a chronic illness or disability and are moving house, here are a few little suggestions that can help make moving house a little more manageable.

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Plan for you

Create a plan or time-schedule that suits you and your needs. Having a plan can help reduce stress levels and make things feel less overwhelming. It is also helpful as you can make sure important health needs such as taking medication are not forgotten in the hecticness that is moving house. It is important to plan moving house around your health needs and not be pressured by other people’s abilities to do more than you can.

A plan that organises your medical needs around moving house tasks can also ensure that your physical and mental health is not neglected or overlooked. 


As an extension to the plan of action and time schedule mentioned above, a checklist of all things that needs to be accomplished during the house move can help ensure nothing important is overlooked. 

Those suffering from a chronic illness or disability who have memory issues can struggle to remember tasks. The mental cloudiness of brain fog can cause confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and mental clarity. Unfortunately moving house comes with a whole heap of tasks that need doing, and when suffering from brain fog remembering to do them all can be extremely difficult. 

Thankfully a checklist of daily and weekly tasks that you can check off as you go can help ensure nothing is overlooked. Not only can it help ensure all moving house tasks are completed but it can ease the worry those with memory problems have of forgetting something important. A checklist can help navigate brain fog and look after mental wellbeing. 

Hire professional help

If you can afford to, hiring professional help can be a valuable experience that can alleviate the physical strain and stress of moving house especially when suffering from a chronic illness or if you have a disability.

Hiring professional and experienced movers such as Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas can mean the difference between a stressful, painful and exhausting house that causes flare ups and leaves you struggling even more so with your health, and a stress-free, smooth-sailing experience where all the heavy lifting was done by expert movers.

Companies such as Las Vegas long distance movers are ideal for those moving house with a chronic illness or disability as they offer a well-rounded, professional service for moving house that includes more than just strong, helpful hands to do the heavy lifting. They offer these helpful services -

  • Providing boxes, pads and other packing materials

  • Wrapping special items for you to ensure they’re secure

  • Packing your entire household, delivering it, and unpacking it

  • Giving you organisational tips, checklists, and performing a final sweep to check for any forgotten items

  • Loading and unloading in a certain order according to your preferences

  • Providing secure, climate controlled storage for items no longer needed

Hiring professional, expert movers especially those who offer a full service of packing up one house, transporting and unpacking in your new home can make moving house with a chronic illness or disability a whole lot easier for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Likewise, hire professional cleaners to do deep-cleans of your old and new property and decorators to do the hard work of decorating to get your house looking spic and span and stylish.

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Go at your own pace

If time allows, it can be helpful to take your time, set your own pace and make sure you don’t push yourself to do more than you can without rest breaks so that you don’t over-do things or burn out.

Here are a few ways cope with moving house that work around a chronic illness or disability to avoid worsening symptoms -

  • Start packing/sorting sooner and do a little at a time when you are feeling well enough to do so

  • Have small, regular breaks to take a physical and mental rest

  • Listen to your body and try not to push through pain and fatigue as you will likely trigger a flare up that will leave you out of action

  • Set small and achievable goals that compliment your energy levels and will encourage a happier mindset rather than big tasks that leave you physically and mentally drained

  • Be flexible in your plan, as a pain and fatigue can come out of nowhere and knock you for six, so expect for the unexpected need to rest or change plans

  • Do things slowly and carefully to avoid injuries

Ask friends and family for help

Whilst it can be difficult to ask for help, don’t struggle alone. Moving house is a stressful, physical experience so getting help from those who care for you can help lessen the strain. 

As well as asking for their practical help with moving, friends and family can help you take a break from all things to do with moving house for fun social experiences so that you are resting and relaxing which will positively benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Moving day survival kit

Keep items that you will need during the move day aside in a moving day survival kit. It is vital to keep essential medical documents, equipment and medication with you so they do not get lost during the move and are with you for when you need them. 

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Whilst a chronic illness or disability does not stop you from living your life, it can create challenges and a frustrating slowness that can become apparent with stressful, physical tasks such as moving house. However, by listening to your body and ensuring your health is priority, taking your time, hiring professional help and making the most of support from loved ones; moving house with a chronic illness or disability is achievable without having a significant negative impact on your health.

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