Tuesday 28 June 2022

The ultimate guide to moissanite

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Image courtesy of Lily Arkwright.

Now you might be wondering what is moissanite and why should you consider moissanite for your lifetime engagement ring? 

Moissanite is amongst one of the most ethical and sustainable engagement ring choices out there and it is fast becoming a staple in the jewellery world and all for the right reasons! Moissanite rings make for a gorgeous ring choice and today we have comprised an ultimate guide to why you should join all the other savvy couples who are opting for this fantastic gemstone as their engagement ring. 

If you did not know already, moissanite is a clear white gemstone that is visually, strikingly similar to a diamond. Moissanite is extremely rare in nature (even rarer than diamonds) and comprises the mineral, silicone carbide. This is an exceedingly hard, man-made crystal-like compound made up of silicon and carbon. 

It was first discovered in 1893 by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan who discovered small quantities of natural silicon carbide in a meteorite. When he first discovered moissanite, he originally thought he had discovered diamonds but this mineral was later named "moissanite" in honour of Dr. Henri Moissan. However, the supply of silicon carbide was too limited for jewellery use and it wasn’t until over 100 years later scientists were able to replicate this natural growing process in a lab and were able to manufacture it on a large scale.

Taking us to today, where almost all moissanite set in jewellery and engagement rings is lab grown. So, what are the benefits of opting for a lab grown engagement ring?

Image courtesy of Lily Arkwright.

1. Moissanite is affordable 

When we think of an engagement ring the conventional idea tends to be a bright band with a huge shiny diamond. We have always been fed the rule of thumb that an engagement ring should be worth at least three full months worth of salary but this simply is not the case. Of course diamond rings make a beautiful and classic choice for an engagement ring but the reality is, a diamond ring is not within everyone's budget and if it is you’re very lucky! 

What if we told you you could get that same brilliance and fire from a diamond ring for just a fraction of the price! A major benefit to moissanite is the fact it costs around 90% less than mined diamonds, making them a really affordable choice for those budget conscious couples. 

2. Moissanite will last a lifetime 

You should strongly consider the durability when choosing an engagement ring, as it is intended to be with you for life! It is common knowledge that diamonds are the hardest mineral on the planet with a score of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. However, moissanite is also an amazing choice as it is the second hardest gemstone on Earth (after a diamond) with a score of 9.25. In fact moissanite is more durable and scratch resistant than gemstones such as sapphire, emeralds and rubies, making moissanite a great option for intended everyday use.

3. Moissanite is ethical 

Thanks to the way in which moissanite is produced, it means there is a far smaller production line and the lab growing process eliminates the need for potentially harmful mining practices. As consumers become more aware of the ramifications of their purchases, more and more couples are opting for moissanite and lab grown engagement rings as an ethical and sustainable choice that also happens to look incredibly sparkly! 

4. Moissanite is very sparkly 

Moissanite is almost indistinguishable from a natural diamond. It makes for a wonderful diamond alternative if you are seeking a colourless stone, as it displays remarkable brilliance and fire seen in only some of the best quality gemstones. Moissanite has a little higher refractive index than diamonds, with a score of 2.65 - 2.69, which is a measurement of a gemstone's ability to slow down, bend and reflect light. Moissanite makes for one of the most brilliantly fiery gemstones on earth.

Image courtesy of Lily Arkwright.

Final Thoughts 

If the idea of moissanite engagement rings has piqued your interest or you would like to find out more information about Lily Arkwright and their lab diamond collections simply call them on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email their jewellery consultancy team at: hello@lilyarkwright.com or book an in-person consultation. 

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