Wednesday 8 June 2022

The Benefits of Tennis Lessons for Children

Tennis is a great sport for kids to take part in, and is a very popular sport in the UK thanks to the likes of Andy Murray and Heather Watson who have many championships under their belt. There are also many benefits to having lessons for your child who can practice something they love and develop a passion for one of Britain’s favourite sports.

Here in this guide from a tennis courts hire in Watford we look at the benefits that tennis lessons bring to children.

Health benefits

One benefit that’s known across all sports is the amount of physical and mental health benefits that tennis brings. Tennis is a very intense sport that requires children to be as agile as they can be, as well as quick on their feet to see where the ball will land next. Children will have improved muscle strength and an improved heart rate from regular exercise through tennis lessons.

Mentally it helps give children something to focus on - with technique and dedication each week your child will learn how to focus their energy on these lessons. Perfecting their skills will also help your child in enjoying the sport.

Helps with a child’s reaction times

A tennis ball zooming across a pitch is going to help a child know when to time their swings of the tennis racquet. Being able to react quickly is key in playing tennis, and regular lessons will help your child learn to do this better over time.

Better reaction times can also help your child in other activities and sports they play in their spare time, as well as helping a child know how they can think critically and make decisions swiftly.

A great way to socialise

Playing with many other children in tennis means your child can easily make friends, bond over similar interests and also learn to be a team player. When playing doubles your child can work on delegating and communicating with other players, which will make them become effective players.

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