Wednesday 8 June 2022

Is My Child Old Enough to Be Left at Home Alone?

It’s an age-old question: when can I leave my child at home alone? Many parents think there is a particular age a child has to be, whereas other parents think it can happen when their children are mature and capable enough to be left to their own devices.

To consider what age is recommended to leave your child at home, here is some advice from this independent girls school in Hertfordshire.

Consider the law

In the UK there are guidelines that parents should be inclined to follow when they’re considering leaving their child at home. Children should be over 12 years old to be left alone for a few hours, but this will vary depending on your child’s needs and how they can manage this responsibility. Children under 16 shouldn’t be left alone overnight, and very young children should never be left alone. It’s an offence to leave a child for long periods of time that can cause serious harm to themselves or others.

How independent your child is

The average age children are left for a few hours at a time is when they’re teenagers. However, if your child isn’t entirely independent, or is still immature at times, then this should be limited until you feel they’re comfortable on their own. Thankfully with the rise of smartphones you can keep in regular contact much easier than in the past. Work on your child’s independence skills as they grow older to help them with their level of responsibility.

Other things to consider

It’s important to factor in other elements as to whether it’s wise to leave your child at home alone. For example, if your child has a disability or learning difficulties it would be wise to keep alone time to a minimum. It may also depend on if your child has siblings - they may be better equipped to look at after their brother or sister. Assess all risks of leaving your child home alone, and trust your own judgement.

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