Wednesday 1 June 2022

Violife 100% vegan cheese review


Over the past few years our family has adopted more of a plant-based and vegan diet. Thanks to an ever-expanding range of vegetarian, plant-based and vegan products available on the market today, eating well for our health and for the benefit of the planet is easier than ever.

Being a cheese lover, switching from dairy cheese to vegan cheese has been the most difficult change to my eating habits. 

Much to my delight Violife has a range of tasty vegan cheese that has helped satisfy my cheese cravings. Over the past few days the family and I have been taste testing a range of Violife 100% vegan cheeses.

The Violife vegan cheese we have been tasting are Epic Mature Cheddar Flavoured Vegan Block, Original Flavour Vegan Grated Cheese, Original Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices, Smokey Cheddar Flavoured Vegan Cheese Slices and Le Rond Camembert Flavour Vegan Cheese.

The Violife vegan cheese is all 100% vegan with coconut oil and fortified with health boosting vitamin B12. They are all free from dairy, soya, gluten, lactose, nuts and preservatives. 

Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour block

With dairy cheddar cheese a firm staple in our house, we’ve been looking for a vegan alternative that would fill the void. This 100% vegan version made from Violife is surprisingly good and whilst it wasn’t exactly the same as a dairy cheddar it provided a satisfying cheddar flavour, an enjoyable textured and tasted lovely in its own right. Living up to its name the taste was epic. In fact the Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour block was a hit with the whole family and the product we’d definitely add to our shopping list for future vegan friendly cheesy dishes.

It is as versatile as dairy cheddar, great when chopped into cubes, grated or sliced. It is tasty as a quick snack with crackers and complimentary to a number of recipes, in particular when grated on our family favourite veggie bolognese. 

Original Flavour Vegan Grated Cheese

The Original Flavour Vegan Grated Cheese offers a lovely taste that we all enjoyed. The bag of grated vegan cheese offers versatility and is great to have to hand. It melts great for yummy vegan cheese and beans on toast and is delicious on pizza.

Original Flavour Vegan Cheese Slices

The slices have a great texture and mild taste. They are a good vegan staple to have in the fridge and are perfect for sandwiches, melted on burgers or for making grilled vegan cheese on toast. The mild taste was great for my sons but as a lover of strong mature cheese flavours, the slices were a tad too mild for me.

Smokey Cheddar Flavour Slices

These vegan cheese slices live up to the description of being smokey. They have a superb smokey smell and the taste is equally smokey. They are lovely in a fresh, crispy baguette and would be a wonderful addition to a vegan platter. 

Violife Le Rond Camembert

The Violife Le Rond Camembert can be baked in the oven or warmed in the microwave. The Le rond Camembert came with a vegan recipes guide booklet with recipe ideas to help you enjoy the vegan camembert.

Reminiscent of classic camembert, the Violife vegan version is soft, round and creamy. Cooked in the oven it has a lovely gooey texture and was delicious with crunchy fresh bread. Unlike dairy versions it does not have the rind around it and has more of a runny melt. The taste had a hint of camembert but not quite the same, but was lovely in its own right and something I’d enjoy again.

Family thoughts on Violife vegan cheese.

On the whole we all enjoyed the Violife vegan cheese. Tasting better than anticipated and very versatile they are a great vegan option for our family. We all had our favourites, with the Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Block and Original Flavour Vegan Grated Cheese being a hit with the whole family for taste, texture and versatility.

I appreciate the fact that their vegan cheese includes vitamin B12 and that they are free from an impressive list of ingredients. I also love the fact that we can still enjoy a taste of cheese whilst adopting a vegan diet thanks to Violife that is 100% vegan and created with kindness to the planet, animals and our health in mind. 

The award winning Violife offers a diverse range of quality vegan products, to find out more about their range and for vegan recipes visit the Violife website

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