Tuesday 7 June 2022

Helping Your Child Develop their Critical Thinking Skills

When we come across different issues, problems and complex discussions we often have to think critically about our next steps and what we can do to make the right choices. For children, this is an essential skill taught right from a very young age.

In this guide from a private nursery in Hertfordshire we look at the ways you can help your child develop their critical thinking skills.

Talk openly in front of your child

Conversations that let your child think for themselves about different things will help them understand what’s best to say at the right time. They also feel that they know you more through these conversations which can be helpful for a child’s understanding of thinking critically. If they’re given the freedom to talk and engage with you then they’re going to appreciate the many ways they’re practicing to think for themselves.

Let your child handle problems on their own

This doesn’t mean that your child can never turn to you for help, it means that your child can actually have a go at managing issues without your support. This forces a child to think critically as they won’t have another person to turn to. Be on the sidelines to see if your child does need a helping hand, but try not to jump at the first opportunity where you can help. Let your child think about the situation and see how they do.

Allow your child to have their own responsibilities

In having responsibilities your child is able to handle their own version of thinking critically. Chores are a common example, but there are ways you can make it exciting for your child. For example, packing their own suitcase for an upcoming holiday can make your child feel really excited for the trip, but also teaches your child to know what exactly they need to pack.

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