Tuesday 5 July 2022

4 Tips for setting up a mini-golf course in London

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London is a place where someone would find many entertaining ideas for every age and every taste. On every corner, you can find a new place where you can spend your day doing something different and more enjoyable. One of these places is crazy golf venues, these places are all over London and people seem to love to spend time playing crazy golf. 

So, if you are considering starting a new business in London, a mini-golf course might be the perfect opportunity for you and your future.

Here you will find the 4 most important tips for setting up a mini-golf course in London.

1. Find a catchy name

The first and the most important tip for a new business is to find a smart and catchy name. Of course, finding a new name for a business is not the easiest thing to do. It needs a lot of thinking and help from a qualified Marketing team. The first step is to think if you are going to put the word “golf” into the name or not.  Good brainstorming is going to help you to come up with creative ideas and finally find the perfect name for your new business. The name has to be something that remains etched in people’s minds. So, the first thing that will come to their mind when they want to have some fun, will be your place. 

2. Come up with a fun theme!

The second tip is that the theme, a fun theme, is of major importance for the new business of mini-golf. The decoration is the first thing that a visitor observes when he comes to your place, so it has to be superior and noteworthy! It has to be a theme for all kinds of ages, you can use bright and shining colors that will increase people’s enthusiasm for playing crazy golf. You can go with an imaginative crazy golf theme design or a specific theme, like dinosaurs or jungles.

3. Location is the key

The third tip that you have to keep in mind in order for your new business to succeed is to find a convenient location for everyone.  London has many essential places for visiting that are near subways and it's easy for someone to commute to this location. Of course, it will be great if you can find a place where there are many attractions and monuments around. So, the visitors, after spending their whole morning sightseeing, will choose your place for grabbing a cold glass of beer and having some fun playing mini-golf.

4. Promote your business online

Last but not least, don’t forget to promote your new business online. Nowadays, most businesses are promoting their facilities online. The first and the simplest way to ask for help from a Marketing digital agency, in order to create a website for the new mini-golf course. The second step is to promote your business through social media you can also ask a couple of influencers to promote this new place.

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