Friday 22 July 2022

How to raise an independent child

Raising an independent child is actually a lot more important than you’d think. Take a look at that little version of yourself running around. One day, they’re going to be grown enough to leave the nest and create their own lives. It can be very hard to think about your young one no longer needing you as much and can be a reason that some parents allow their child to stay dependent on them for as long as possible. However, this can lead to struggles further on in their life, where they may lack the skills of being independent in important situations. Here are some tips from an independent school in Hampton on how to raise an independent child. 

The first thing to remember is not to do things for your child that they are capable of doing themselves. It starts off small by just helping them, but eventually, they don’t believe they are able to do these small tasks like eating without depending on an adult. It is obvious that you are your child’s biggest supporter and naturally you will complete simple tasks out of love or generosity. But these can lead to a heavily reliant and even lazy child which is what no parent wants for their kids. Resist the urge and teach them how to be independent. 

Take your time. Children are not going to learn things overnight, especially if it’s something they’ve always had done for them. Allow them to take small steps and to learn along the way so towards the end, they feel confident enough to complete it by themselves. One thing a dependent child will think is that they are not capable so encouraging them along the way will be of much help.

Focus on contributions around the house. Not only is this a massive helping hand for parents, but it teaches vital skills to everyone taking part to keep a functioning household. Allow your child to take part and don’t make them feel exempt. Folding laundry, helping clear the table to change a nappy, these are all small ways to incorporate tasks that will help your child become independent.

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