Friday 22 July 2022

The benefits of journaling for children

Journaling is actually one of the most valuable tools a parent has in order to help their child’s writing skills excel. Given that a journal may be used to record thoughts, events and feelings, it is not to be confused with a diary which allows a different approach to writing. Journals can actually be used to track specific areas of interest with the writer logging in regular entries on the topic. Want to know why it’s worth trying? Here are some tips from a private college in Wiltshire on the benefits of journaling for children.

One of the main benefits is it helps with writing and communication skills. The importance of these is that they’ll be needed for excellent academic performance. Exams and most testing methods are written which is where writing skills will need to be the sharpest for long term academic success. Poor quality of written communication can be perceived as low performing which is something that can be avoided through journaling. 

Writing will suddenly become interesting to your child. Writing tends to be something that feels restricted to school and something that contains no joy further than the likes of education. However, allowing your child to write on a topic that is enjoyable to them will help them explore their skills when it comes to writing and change their perspective towards it altogether. The addition of images and doodles can make it that much more appealing for them. 

It creates a safe and non-judgemental space for them to express their inner thoughts and feelings. Unlike a diary, using a journal can help a child going through personal problems, to document their progress and see what they did right and what they can change to help themselves further. This is a great way to improve mental health amongst children too. 

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