Tuesday 5 July 2022

The Most Unique Entertainment Venues in Camden

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If you are wondering which is the coolest, alternative and fun place in London, the answer is easy: Camden town.

Camden town is located in North London and is one of the most popular neighborhoods in London. At this place used to hang out with the punk rock generation of London. This group of people influences Camden town with their clothing style and their alternative ways to have fun. Of course, this generation stigmatized the whole place, and up until today Camden town is the place in which the most alternative people prefer to spend their time. 

This whole atmosphere of punk and rock around the streets is the main reason that makes the place so interesting for visitors. In Camden Town, you can choose among numerous options for having fun.

Here, you will find the 3 most unique entertainment venues in Camden.

1. Cecil Sharp House

The first place which you can visit in Camden Town is the Cecil Sharp house, this place is the first English folk art society in the UK. This organization is one of the significant cultural centers in London. Since to 30s is a meeting place for folk musicians and folk dancers. After that, the Cecil Sharp House hosted a lot of programs that support the UK’s folk artists through many programs. If you love the arts of music and dance, you will love this place and you will enjoy watching musical and theatrical performances.

2. Play crazy golf.

Of course, in Camden town you can find activities for all kinds of tastes and ages, one of them is Crazy golf. Mini golf is a game that everyone enjoys playing, especially if he has good company and a cool course. This can be a fun activity for anyone who wants to try something different.  A visitor can find Crazy Golf in Camden and have a special experience in this equal special town. You can try it out with your friends or family, it's not difficult at all and you are going to have a good laugh. After that, crazy golf is going to be your favorite fun activity.#

3. Zoo

If you are planning to visit Camden town with your family or you are just interested in learning new things about wild animals, the best place to visit is the Zoo park. This Park is the perfect time to spend your free time in this town. There you can meet many species of animals, from insects to penguins and lions. Don’t miss your time and book your tickets online. 

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