Sunday 21 August 2022

Should I Consider Theatre School for My Child?

Whether your child has two left feet or has a genuine performing talent, theatre school can be beneficial for them. There are lots of careers that exist within the entertainment industry and are lucrative too. It can help them to prepare for the real world of performing arts as they are taught by industry professionals themselves and are helped to build key life skills such as emotional intelligence. If you're thinking about sending your child to a stage school, here are some important factors to consider. 

Life Skills

As touched on earlier, stage schools can help children in their development. In some cases, they may need to improvise and think on their feet which requires and stretches their creative thinking skills.

Broad Choice of Subjects

Despite the impression that you get when you think of a “stage school”, they are equipped at teaching children a variety of different subjects. This may be reassuring as a parent as you want the best for your child and make sure that they are set up for success. They can leave their doors open and explore other career prospects whilst still pursuing their performing talents. 

Social Skills

They will likely need to work alongside other children to rehearse and put on plays. This requires team working and the ability to socialise with new people.


If your child has a genuine interest in theatre, get them involved. Look for ways in which they can grow and showcase their passions. Growing up you were probably told to pursue your passions as when you pursue them, it doesn’t feel as though you’re doing any work and are more likely to succeed.


Confidence is fundamental to work on with children as without it, they are less likely to put themselves out there and can deprive themselves of many amazing opportunities. As they must perform in front of others, they can learn about managing their nerves.

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