Tuesday 27 September 2022

How to Boost Your Child's Creativity

Creativity is going to be the key to your child’s progression. If they want to succeed in having boosted mental health and enjoyment for school, then you should always explore how to make your child feel inquisitive. With this usually happening in pre-prep or in primary schools, starting early will be key.

Take your child away from the classroom or home

If your child wants to learn and develop their learning you should be exploring different ways to get them thinking and exploring. Being inquisitive is going to be a huge part of your child’s development and it’s wise to let them explore this from a young age. Head out on long walks together, head to the park, or just sit in the garden and get some little games out for them to play freely. The little things can really make a difference to your child’s learning.

Help your child with unstructured play

Organising play time around the many times of the week will keep your child on their toes. Give your child that unexpected feeling that they could be playing different games and activities without them even knowing. Having fun is what’s going to keep your child motivated, and so you should experiment with different times each day to help them with their creativity.

Allow your child to make big decisions

If your child is going to learn anything about responsibility then it’s wise to show your child how they can make a big impact. Give your child that freedom to make decisions, like what you’d like to do with them on a rainy day, or what food they’d like to eat. 

Give them fun activities to make decisions on as well - would they prefer painting or sticking things together with PVA glue? Make sure they make a lot of different decisions each week instead of resorting to the same choices.

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