Tuesday 27 September 2022

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

Reading is going to be vital to your child’s development, and will be their gateway towards developing their literacy skills. Independent schools in Cheltenham have a range of methods to help your child learn to read and enjoy it immensely. Here are some top tips to help your child read at home.

Look at different books to read

Having a go at different reading books is going to really help your child learn to enjoy many ways to learn. Your child may not enjoy you reading stories aloud, but prefer it when they have a moment to sit down and read in their own time. Or, your child actually prefers picture books and comic books. Have a range of reading material available to help your child learn to find interests in specific areas.

Play word games or spelling games

Get your child used to picking up words from using games and other activities to explore. Word association games or mini spelling bees can help your child learn new words quickly. It also gives your child the opportunity to learn synonyms and understand how each word should be pronounced. This can easily be transferred to your child’s reading skills, where they are able to help your child find a love for reading.

Make reading a fun activity

If it’s feeling like a tough activity to explore with your child, then they’re going to have a lot less time working on their own skills. You should try to make the learning experience of reading fun and engaging to help them find an appreciation for it. Get really excited about the prospect of a new book to read. 

You may well find that that was the reason your child didn’t enjoy reading in the first place - that the stories and characters were not as engaging to your child. This is why mixing things up greatly helps your child’s support.

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