Tuesday 27 September 2022

The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

Coding is something a lot of children should get to experience. It’s in all of our futures, and it’ll help your child learn to pick up new skills as a result. Coding should feel fun, entertaining and engaging for your child as well.

Here are some big benefits to coding lessons from this prep school.

Helps your child learn how to use new skills

New skills are vital to a child’s growth and development. It will help your child pick up something more exploratory and allows them to work on a new challenge. It will give your child the chance to try something different, while also learning to apply the skills they have learnt to other environments. 

For example, communicating can be taught through typing and developing code as opposed to talking and listening. Children can use this when they’re working on their reading and writing skills in English lessons.

Helps your child understand being creative

Being creative is not just a part of making art, working on art and making wonderful creations. It can actually be made in different ways as well. Coding is a brilliant example of this, where students can learn about how to make their own creations with just strings of code. It will give them the opportunity to work on making different things - like animations, graphics, videos and more.

Helps your child find a new passion

From having fun in different sports to reading, writing and enjoying art - there are plenty of ways where your child can learn to develop a passion. However, sometimes children just struggle with all these areas and prefer a more methodological experience. Coding can do just that, and giving them the chance to take up coding lessons will help them find a new passion to explore and appreciate.

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  1. I think this is so important for kids, as mention the word coding to me and my eyes glaze over andd I go into a panic