Tuesday 27 September 2022

PAJ GPS EASY Finder 4G tracker

Adulting comes with many challenges some of which include keeping our pride and joy, the things and people we love safe and secure. 

Whether it is the worry of children getting lost, treasured valuables being stolen, vulnerable loved ones disappearing or important possessions vanishing; many of us have things and people in our lives that we strive to safely cherish, protect and keep secure. 

So how can we keep the things we love safe without being a complete nervous wreck? Helping us endure this daunting time is the helpful PAJ GPS EASY Finder 4G Tracker


One of the leading European brands in the GPS tracking devices market, PAJ GPS are trackers devices designed to help you protect what you love. 

PAJ GPS was established in Germany in 2011 by founders Jakob Linder and Alexander Sarellas who wanted to create a tracker device with an app that solves the problems of finding and protecting lost things. Thanks to PAJ GPS you can track anything and protect what you love. 


Designed to help you find and protect, the EASY Finder is a new generation of GPS trackers with 4G network coverage suitable for vehicles, valuables and people. 

This tracker offers tracking coverage via 4G network data connection with GPS accuracy up to 5 metres. It comes with a SIM card included that uses different networks for improved tracking accuracy.

The EASY Finder is a small, sleek device approximately 10.5cm by 6cm in size and weighs around 140g. It has up to 14 days of battery life in standby mode, is waterproof according to IP65 and features a SOS button for emergency situations.

The EASY finder tracker is available to buy from Amazon for £90.57 and is designed to work alongside the PAJ Finder Portal which is available on a range of different subscription offers. 

PAJ Finder Portal

Designed to work in harmony with the PAJ tracking devices, the PAJ Finder Portal app offers a range of benefits for easy monitoring. 

* Live tracking of your GPS tracker

* 365 days of route storage

* Set alarms

* Immediate notification by email and push message about triggered alarms

* Monitoring of multiple subscriptions 

* No SMS cost

* Can be monitored via PC, tablet and smartphone with android and ios apps

The PAJ Finder Portal subscriptions include a one off month subscription for £5.99 per month (ideal if you do not want a tracker all of the time and want it for particular occasions such as a holiday) or longer subscriptions of either an annual subscription for £4.58 per month or a two year subscription for £3.75 per month.

Unboxing the PAJ GPS EASY Finder 

Included in the PAJ GPS custom box:

* EASY Finder GPS tracker

* SIM card pre-installed in the tracker

* Charging cable

* 2 pin plug 

* Soft protective pouch

* Instruction manual

Using the PAJ GPS EASY Finder

When you first unbox the tracking device, before using it you need to charge it a good 8 hours. You also need to register the device which was easy thanks to the quick start instructions with qr code. 

Downloading the free PAJ Portal app, creating an account and setting it up to work with the tracking device was also quick and easy. 

Once the tracker is charged, activated and synced with the Portal app, you can begin to use it to track what you love for all different reasons such as theft-protection for cars and bikes, pet-tracker for your pawsome friends, personal-trackers for children, vulnerable loved ones and elderly or for tracking valuable personal possessions.

Immediately the tracker could be seen in the Portal app, showing its location accurately. Taking it out on a little walk it was lightweight and compact enough to have in my pocket and once back I could see the route I’d taken was tracked correctly on the map.

The Portal app is amazing and a fantastic tool to communicate with your tracker and see information in live time. It is impressively detailed and comprehensive whilst being user-friendly. 

Through the Portal app there are a few alarms that work with the EASY Finder - 

* SOS alarm - immediately notifies you if the SOS button is pressed on the tracking device

* Motion/Vibration alarm - alerts you if the GPS is shaken or moved

* Radius alarm - warns you if the tracker leaves the Geofence safe zone that you can set up via the app of safe areas you are happy for the device and possession/person you are tracking to be located in

* Speed alarm - notifies you if the tracker exceeds a set speed

* Battery alarm - low battery message is sent when the tracking device needs recharging

Turning on and off alarms was simple and easy to do. Being able to choose what alarms to receive notifications about and the ability to customise personal settings for alarms (i.e. personal Geofence safe zone and speed limit) helps the tracking device work best for you.

As well as seeing live tracking which is updated every 30 seconds, on the app you can also see route information with route history from the last 100 days. Route information details where the tracker has been, where it has stopped and how long for, time of journey and speed during the journey.

Overall thoughts

The EASY Finder tracker from PAJ is an impressive tracking device. The device itself is an attractive, curved design and as it is small and lightweight. Being relatively compact and lightweight it is ideal for carrying in a bag or pocket. 

The battery life is great and is long enough for a day of active use. When not moving the tracker goes into standby mode to save battery. I found it handy that the app notifies you of low battery and provides the current location so that you can know the last known location before it runs out of battery and turns off. 

The Finder Portal app is a very clever piece of technology and its impressive and very useful tools help get the best out of the tracking device to help you keep what you love safe.

I like that you can have instant access to tracking information on your smartphone via the app and that you can customise the features of the tracking device to suit your needs i.e. Radius alarm or specific speed (useful to show if the tracker has gone from being in the belongings of someone walking to suddenly speeding in a vehicle or a vehicle exceeding a set speed limit). All of the alarms work very well and I like the fact that I can set alarms that suit us. 

It precisely tracked the live location of the device with us not having any issue with inaccurate location information. I also appreciate the fact that the device has an SOS button which immediately sends an alarm notification via the app to warn that an emergency is happening. 

As the tracker relies on 2G and 4G signals, you have to keep in mind that if you do not have a signal that tracking accuracy is unlikely to be reliable. If the tracker is unable to provide accurate information due to lack of or low signal yet you need to track the device, historical information in the portal app may help pinpoint where the device could be. 

I especially love and appreciate the versatility of the PAJ GPS tracking device and that it can be used for a variety of reasons and situations. Being a really useful tool to track so many different things from personal possessions to treasured valuables to loved ones, it is a great all-round tracking device. It provides security and peace of mind which helps ease a little worry of losing the things you love.

It is a shame that the tracker comes with a 2 pin plug but as it has the usb cable it can be used with any plug with usb insert. Also it would be good if it came with a lanyard or case with a clip to attach to clothes.

For us the personal tracker is very useful to help with keeping our children safe. Keeping them safe whilst letting them roam free can be tricky. When out at busy places with all three children who are different ages and at different stages of independence and self-confidence, keeping them safe but letting them explore without me as their shadow can be a challenge. Kids are busy and it only takes a split second for them to race out of sight. So having the EASY Finder would help take some of the stress away. It would be especially helpful for younger children who do not know how to get help if lost. Equally it would be useful to use with children with additional learning needs who cannot communicate with others as easily who may find themselves lost. 

Plus as children get older opportunities for experiences without parents increase where kids go on experience days, sports events, sleepovers and camping trips where they cannot take smartphones with them but you want to ensure they are safe, the EASY Finder tracker would be very helpful. Another use would be when teens hit the road for the first time after passing their test to help trace them if an unfortunate accident happened

As well as being useful for helping keep children safe the tracking device would also be very helpful for safeguarding vulnerable loved ones for example elderly family members who suffer from dementia. 

Being a fantastic all-rounder tracking device, it would also work well for valuable assets and prized possessions including items such as bicycles, vehicles, luggage when travelling and even pets. I know we could have done with such a tracking device a few years ago when devastatingly one of our bags with valuable items got stolen when we were on holiday.

PAJ GPS have a range of other tracking devices on their website so that you can help protect and find the things you love. 

* We were given this tracking device for this review.


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